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to buy a sword is not to have GOD's SWORD

When you follow GOD, you follow GOD’s command, not your opinions. Like any righteous father, our 1 FARTHER is most righteous, and only wise, thus he does not take our opinion, him being the only good, knows. So then it is, if you want to die for them, but he commands kill you kill. And if your prove you will die for them, the command may be kill, and you will kill, but like any father in any house, for all the elder  brothers, that is the wiser brother it is to hold fast for his command and die for your sheep, for they are sheep to you who know GOD’s command and word, that is HIS covenant, HIS business.

Christianity is the only religion in the world that calls you to be crucified, it is for men, (though females have done it). Men that will give their life to GOD, to his command, to follow our Christ that THE FATHER appointed; if you are not ready to be crucified waiting on GODs command and cover your brothers, you are not a Christian. If you don’t want to die for others choose a new religion, for that is our faith, our command is to pick up our cross and follow Him. Thus until GOD commands kill you are too wait on the cross, for those that are His are crucified with Him.

When this so called preacher answers this boy, he says that turn the other cheek means only for insult, he is only half right, but when he says go and buy a sward and this is for defense, he is half wrong, and that is wholly wrong. The word is the sword, the right hand of GOD, that guards the garden when Adam is sent out, that is the power in which men have power, for Laban had the power over Jacob. Thus when Christ says, “if you do not have a sword then go and buy one.” For if you do not have your covenant than it is that you are an idolater, and thus you trust in the idol and not the word right hand of GOD .

The same theme written via THE Holy Spirit is in the ten virgin parable. Those virgins are the men, they are not yet entered into the covenant of their husband THE CHRIST, so they are virgins. You will find the find wise tell the foolish to go and buy their oil, the oil is the covenant that THE FATHER has put in place as a pillar for all sons to run under with understanding, to keep the lamp burning.

Thus when Christ says if you don’t have one, that is a sword, the covenant, it means you have paid no attention to thee covenant, to the command, to the truth of THE LORD GOD, life itself, even your life itself, how you got here, what your doing here, and what you will leave your sons after you. Thus then you are an idolater who trusts in idols as though they are life, and pays his way through life, paying no attention to THE WORDS of THE LORD GOD, the fathers in covenant that left you words of life., so go and buy foolish virgins, oil and or a sword, for you think that safety is by the idol. By your riches you have become in poverty.

When Christ Tells you to turn thee other cheek, he means, don’t turn to the left or the right, but keep focused on GOD. Keep the command the covenant. You can not kill that which you would not die for, if you could, then GOD would promote hirelings, but we know that GOD does not promote the hireling, but the good shepherd, who would die for his sheep.

GOD does not condone violence, but he does the eating of meats. That is your help meats, that you would give your life for. Why mothers are a perfect work, for she is a backward shepherd that dies to bring the sheep in, the shepherd dies to feed and help to grow.

Genesis 3:24

So he drove out the man; and he placed at the east of the garden of Eden Cherubims, and a flaming sword which turned every way, to keep the way of the tree of life.

It would do you well to note that Adam extended his hand to his wife, Ayish and she is named Eve mother to all life. Now understand when Satan is told not to touch Job’s life, he does not touch his wife. Take this with the fact that Jacob extended his hand to take of the wife, Rachel, but what reproved for the sake of the covenant of the fathers, that is Laban gave him Leah. And why is it that Laban was able to overpower Jacob, because he was given the sword, the same that guarded the tree of life, the wife. Thus Jacob in order to be reborn Israel had to first learn to guard the daughters, the tree of life.

Genesis 27:40

And by thy sword shalt thou live, and shalt serve thy brother; and it shall come to pass when thou shalt have the dominion, that thou shalt break his yoke from off thy neck.

It will behoof you to know that all men are under Esau’s blessing, and must do the same Jacob did to become Israel. For all men are under the covenant of brothers, that is the service to brothers, and not to THE ONE FATHER, that the fathers made. Thus why THE LORD told Moses, I AM THE GOD OF your fathers, and when Moses asks, if they ask his name? Who’s name? GOD’s or the fathers. They are one and the same, for they are like Laban taught Jacob are in the business of Israel, that is Yaheh, that is the guarding of the daughters.

Thus then the man is wrong, in telling the boy that he should buy a sword, for that would not be trust in GOD, but trust in you, in the sword of men, and not the covenant in which GOD’s name is invoked. For if it is the buying of the sword, then it is in the money that bought the sword. That is why our Founding Fathers put on our money, “IN GOD WE TRUST.” If I was wrong then you can prepare the horse for war, and safety wouldn’t be of THE LORD. But all history, all truth, all oaths, all covenants, all the Bible disagrees. Them that crucified Christ trusted in Roman might, it burned down in a day, but CHRIST who trusted in GOD, is RISEN, and is still receiving His bride, his re-reward to this day two thousand years later.

Then the answer to the boy is trust in GOD, do as GOD COMMANDS, die for them, or kill them, but if you wait on GOD you will die for them, thus you can kill them as a shepherd does sheep, any other way would be a breach of covenant, disobedience to GOD. For Moses wanted to die for them, but was commanded to kill and Christ expressed He did not want to do it like this, but GOD commanded like this. Thus Christ loved us by the command of GOD and Moses the same. All saints love by the command of GOD, for this is the love of GOD that we keep HIS command for none of them are grievous. Die there faithful waiting on GOD’s command, die there and GOD may command kill there, but none the less you died for GOD there, killing or dying. Get your feet washed. It is all you need, take your shoes off and stand waiting on your GOD’s command, for GOD made your feet, plant them where GOD says, and GOD has spoken, wait in MY command. HE is THE LIVING GOD, THE KNOWN GOD, not a made up GOD. SO wait on your GOD, do as our GOD commands, to die or to kill, but as a christian it is default to our LORD CHIRST who commanded, DIE FOR THEM WAITING ON GOD!

And if you buy a sword, you will die by the hands of them that buy a better sword; a game of idolaters in idolatry, and all these will be hung on that cursed idol tree, SO thank GOD HIS word came to save us all hung on that tree, to repent us. For GOD’s sword IS GOD’S WORD, AND GOD’S word will cut through all. For it is written, “you can prepare the horse for war, but safety is of THE LORD ALONE.”


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