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Toad stew again? WTF?


WE have all seen them, the adulterous couple the cutoff spouse and the high-minded opinions of them that celebrate betrayal.

They hold firm with Facebook pictures media style glimmer home that's straight out of a Barbie and Ken commercial. The family children are born as idols. There cut in half until the process the most ignorant of things. Of which none of them can process or answer to so in order to keep the civil peace it has become taboo to speak on adultery and ask the children what they think. This leaves to a bunch of children with no voice.

Once they are in indoctrinated in such constrained intellectual reasoning they are no longer a threat to their head which will reason for them in unconstrained ways always resulting in a constrained rapping like a boa constrictor. This is what we know today as normal society when it is the most immoral society. When the word of Truth is killed you have no one alive and they have become nothing but less than insects a swarm and a plague an infestation of sin. The reasoning components of men's heart and mind one and the same always renders error when the heart is not made the core of the matter.

Mind alone is nothing but mind as in all it does is mind another never setting anything to Heart laying roots or foundation never reminding itself where it comes from and eventually become incapable of remembering where it came from, it has no idea of where it is going without reasoning does it mind everything that tells it to go this way. And this way always renders prisons to pry your sons away never even facing your accuser or victim but an idol which they crafted, and it's crafting design was solely set on destroying you and prying your son away from you so they could f*** him and play with your wife.

These are them who invoke the evil one raising their right hand as though it has been a light matter whenever confronted with the action and which they have taken. And it's everything in the courtroom to strip you down from your sons to rape & pillage your land.

This will be done with formalities predetermined answers to rob you and you pay for it with your taxes.

Men who swear falsely raise their right hand opening the door for evil to flourish.

The main reason of the killing of the faith of God is because them with God allow them to say they are with God who kill your faith.

They rape your children everyday your children see adulterers walk by saying there with Christ who called the kids toads performing black magic witchcraft rebellion to the almighty himself and His holy word of which he is emphatically infinitely jealous for.

Tossing every word into the wind they do love to spin anyone they can. Is coward shit worshipping retarded men watch it go by as though there was nothing they could do like use true word against a line word which is all they are called to do.

You will notice the numbers have dramatically increased being all men have been found to sell their word for somebody's favor abroad or at home, even local hometown. Men have gone to find it normal to consume their countrymen which is the answer to heaven.

In heaven do they back bite murmur. In heaven do they fuck your wife. Do they have slaughter houses. Do they have oil rigs spinning rims and love the idols as you do here as our own country men do here. Do they call kids toads and Heaven with a custody, do they force spouses to die in a divorce do they participate in adulterous grief to murder their own spouse the parents of their children? Do they spit venom because they heard something in the wind, do they join together and scheming games to stress people, do they snub their nose saying what things they've heard of you without ever having a reproach themselves against you? And is this what they build in heaven for their children for surely today it is you & them and tomorrow it is the children?

See the nation is the answer of Heaven. It is before your very face no you see it now. In heaven where God is the father most assuredly upon his throne everywhere and everyone under him answering truly too you can see none cause daughter a whore to have her child taken from her whom she died for, because others said things in the wind, because they were showing things they can never show them who they accuse. HE Does not allow this in heaven, and as it is above so it is below.

These who think their lies have prospered are fools and their folly and they're idolatry is but fuel for the consuming destroyer of God who that blows the coals on the flame, as they ignorantly profess God is Not wise enough to disprove them. As though the Lord himself has come short in wisdom and they as squirming snakes elected to be royal choosing to be less think they understand where GOD can stand. They've been busted at their own game the moment they went to play.

We've all seen these we all know these. Every person within every family within every community within every city within every state within Every Nation we all know these, seen these, done these. Taking it to be one to know one, puts all men on an equal plane. For every coward is a liar, & they will do any atrocity in the world. Having the snub-nosed audacity to do it in the Holy name of The Lord our God who is also the holy Lord God of this nation and our entire foundation rooted there in.

Our God is so good he calls me he demands in this nation all be free. Whether you believe in him or not this is his command. To be free to go about and be as long as you are not violent; what issue would men have with you?

None none says the Lord and none says our founders and none says every saint That ever walked the Earth. None says reason and peace and justice and Liberty. None says truth and freedom.

Then why have men picked a coral against reason.

Knowing full well a lie can only end with death men render it again and again and again to their own Nations demise.

This is a ransom repeat process all over the face of the Earth today just happens to be America's day. We all know the story we all know they are true the great nation that was blessed by God who generations later decided they were better than their fathers and turned into a cheap w**** who would cook her on children in the oven dine on them at dinner with their adulterous evil invoking spouse. "Toad stew for dinner, again?" "Of course you know how I do love mocking the true word." "How crafty we are, let us fake a prayer."

And so two rings The dinner Bell of every nation that calls God's image a lie and the Holy Spirit who authored that image into our Holy Scripture into our country into our parentage: and this they say is where I cannot add more. I cannot say to our sons. For that HOLY SPIRIT'S authorship has seemed to be rejected in this country, by these gibberish speaking opinionated anti-christs, who we would have you call them Christian so they can pull a live from your mouth. God calling no one to speak such tongues of ignorance having no meaning, thus equal to their oath to their wives in God's holy name their vows becoming toxic error and sin. See for SHE is a TRUE SPIRIT, you see SHE is rebuked by a liar and SHE fleas deceit. She is a spirit of discipline and is NOT in any wise for your slave obedience to money/ mammon.Nor is SHE ever to be a wore soul by your universities for WISDOM HERSELF belongs to THE LORD GOD ALONE! If HE HIMSELF does not depart HER on you, then you shall never have her.

Where is it that you would sell your mother a w**** your daughter the same your sister for this is what the holy spirit is to God wisdom herself. Then you see the error of men, then you see the cowardice, how they lie slithering together in a barrel of which is our nation.

Are you so foolish fathers that you cannot raise a son. You must need be says you're wise men who say you have done such a s***** job upon your son raising up that he needs to seek their approval in most matters. Save for the one that he gets to call God and scripture a liar incorrect the god of his Nation found with fault because he needs to have your wife your daughter your sister and he needs to make her swear to God God damn liar the same. This he's allowed to do but all other matters, wait right now there is another, he can raise your kids your sons your daughters taking them from your home with your wife this the man can reason on his own as your son. Speaking to the whole of a Nation. But this guy cannot that is your sons cannot that is your fathership is so fallible untrusted not correct that he must need seek permission from the wise men who have paid much money to ascertain their lordship over your children. And they also wise in doing so then if your sons do not seek this wisdom from these wizards who have such knowledge if you do not obey you will be thrown in prison. You will be shot and killed if you resist. And you'll pay for that prison and that guard that will shoot and kill you and make sure that you get the permission of a wizard. And why do you pay them to protect you from these things yet they do the opposite. And as stated you know why they do this coward liar serpents and a barrel that is your nation. Slithering together to devour one another one over another under one over the other slithering company cuntly countrymen, if they could so be called in this country. Thank God they cannot.

Whether or not your father has failed you sons and raising you up to be men who do not need permission from rich men to do anything. Is not the point. Whether you have been enchanted and Bewitched by these venom spitting whores who call themselves mothers when they are a God damn disgrace to the word itself, into believing it is okay for a grown man in team operational tactics thing playing adults with guns and body armor to paint the shows sophistication that when they pull you over they make sure you have permission from other adults and they themselves carrying firearms and badges to signify their honor and duty to you and country and God as you obey unrestrained constrained with no reasoning, or not is not not the point.

For all men are equal and all men are endowed by their creator and all men are called all the truth and anytime this would ever go by in anyone's country that alone state God help us county FUBAR beyond reasonable doubt town, and upon this his plane it is clear to see all liars all cowards and haters of GOD and the gifts he has given.

You stand up and all these men would faint and murder you for their job hourly pay or monthly salary and that is all. You'll be as easy to throw away as their vow, oath, their word. For by the word of man-made and established. For by the word or wives man and sons taught. But by the word is all life and it true is the only way to GOD. SO THEN BY THE WORD! Has our nation turn from life into death. Toad stew for dinner, neighbor? Please be sure and bring the new wife and your other one was getting overweight anyways, all those children she bore.


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