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Believing in Something Greater

"Adam where are you?" says THE LORD. Adam of course is sowing fig leaf with Eve, not out in front, not there to guard the family and keep the one he has. Then when asked why Adam blames Eve, and THE LORD GOD for giving him Eve.

Now let us see, Christ’s trial and tribulation.

The five hundred battle ready Roman troop come to arrest a praying unarmed Jewish Rabbi, and Christ meets them head on. To be betrayed with a kiss. Before they can speak Christ is out front of it unlike Adam. "Who is it that you seek?" they reply, "Jesus of Nazareth." HE then quickly replies, "I AM HE." They fall back, curse is broken, they regroup. HE asks again, "Who is it that you seek?"

They reply again, "Jesus of Nazareth."

Jesus Replies, "I AM HE, let these go."

That is the opposite of what Adam did, doing Bildad, fig-leaf, idol cover up excuse. Hence Christ will later say, "it is finished." Meaning that man no longer has an excuse for his idolatrous pretend a show of Bildad’s crucifixion of others so they slither by. GOD has trapped all men, proving them lying cowards with excuses. Pretending to be what they are not with all their idol pretended idol show.

Then at the cross, when HE is being nailed, HE says, "forgive them Father for they know not what they do." That is HE is bringing the wife blameless before THE LORD GOD FATHER LIVING. That is the only way a GODLY wife is to be brought before GOD; BLAMELESS. That is what Adam didn’t do. It is the marriage covenant of a GODLY man to his wife, to be her covering. You will see this repeated through out the whole of THE HOLY SCRIPTURES.

This is the reason that THE LORD GOD asks, "Adam where are you?" and not Eve. Because THE LORD GOD LIVING does not call the woman to die in front on the battle field. THE LORD GOD does not call the woman to suffer in the battle, to face down tyrants. They fight their war, in the baby wards, & it is accomplished for we men are all here. The man fights his war in the war, for the truth. This the reason that Enoch exclaims that the men are going to hell for eternity and the women are going to Heaven.


The woman is the weaker vessel, she is to be covered, to be shepherd in. It is why Nathan says to David about Uriah’s sheep he loved as his own. The woman is to be blameless no matter her sins, they are sins, but she is in your care, it is your responsibility to feed, to teach, it is what is meant your worse than a heathen if you don’t provide for your family. To provide the word of GOD.

And anything they do is your responsibility to cover. It is how we are covered by Christ, it is why we are called the Bride of Christ. It is why every husband is to not put away his wife and marry another. How can he? She is blameless before THE LORD GOD LIVING.

Thus Christ says it is finished, no more can man argue with GOD or cunningly slither by. Hence Christ says, "if I be lifted up then I shall draw all men to ME." It is also that of the Disciples when Christ told them you can not put away and marry another. They ask, "then it is better for us to not marry?" Jesus replies, "some eunuchs are made naturally, some by men’s hands, and some for the sake of the kingdom of Heaven. He that can receive let him receive it.”


Thus then is the third eunuch one of adultery, suffering on the adulterous grief side. It is the way the devils go to pull men down. For it is the man that is warned not to do adultery. Why? Because without the man the woman can not do it. That is then the woman is not going to be blamed. As Enoch said, they are easily beguiled and feared, but you men know the truth, you are made for it, and they shall go to heaven and you men shall to hell. For blasphemy. For sacrilege. For carrying THE LORD’S NAME IN VAIN, AND YOU KNOW THAT HE IS SUPREME IN JUDGEMENT. Tempting THE LORD GOD LIVING.

Thus the proverbs warn; "my son, my son, go not her way, into the adulterous woman’s house, for she says, the good man is gone, and I have paid my vows, and he wont be home until……" Note well men, if her husband is righteous, and she drags you to hell, he may as well drag her to heaven. As Paul says, "you know not if you save the unbelieving spouse, and it is you that are called so remain faithful.”

And in Revelation and Daniel, it says clear, that the family, friends, country are given over to the devil for a time, and a time, and a time and a half, to try the saints. Thus then if you are in the midst of this trial, repent if in error, hold fast if holding, and if another relationship already, be true, pray, and wait on GOD, for then you are covered by the blood of THE LAMB OF GOD, true you are not a knower of GOD in the divine ten commands, but you are in the blood of the lamb waiting on GOD.

Many adulterers are in heaven but none of them are unrepentant at the least confessing. No one makes it to heaven calling GOD a LIAR.

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