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a brief briefing, its always the last days, for we always die. your end too comes in this flesh.

Updated: Nov 26, 2021


demons or people cant tell, i cant see the heart!

all are born demonic people but not all stay,

a rough brief, a sure trial, and a prayer for HOPE

1 people = 13 colonies, Untied States of America

. .

THE course humans

Israel vs. Egypt

Free vs. Slavery = in human events, thus the course we all go, thus

Belief vs. Idol

. .

1 people under 1 GOD = to dissolve political bands connecting them

. .

Assume powers = ass out of you if you assume, GOD SAID

Who do you let be greater than GOD?

. .

GEN 1:26 & 27 THE DOMINIONS given by GOD in the image of GOD male female

EQUAL/Separate = WHO MAKES THEM EQUAL The Laws of Nature and Nature’s GOD

GEN 2:15-16 THE LORD GOD, makes man, all of man Commands MAY EAT FREE

. .

RESPECT CAUSE = to respect opinions requires mankind to declare cause

Impelling them to separate from the lying world, prison,

control, death.

. .


TRUTH SELF-EVIDENT = because you are, and then you are not,

EQUAL everyone the same, truly,

HUMAN HELD SELF EVIDENT equal to beasts, born, live die,

This is so that man can NOT boast above a beast,

And ONLY GOD IS EXALTED. Then why give rule to others who can beat a beast?

. ,

GEN 2:15-16

GOD COMMANDS he MAY EAT FREE of any fruit in the garden

. .



PURSUIT = bother EVER, why ? haters of you not equal


GEN 2:17

MUST not eat from the tree of knowledge of good and evil for when you eat from it you shall surely die.

. .

THE MARRIAGE retelling of an adulterous idol hell to be dumb as hell. The subverting ways of the entire nation, by devil using rich to f our kids,

. .

1 THE LORD GOD = LYING human beings, judge,

In pride claiming dominion

Gen 1:26-27, 2:16

. .

2 THE WORD OF GOD, = doesn’t matter at all,

YOURS OWN WORD, Changed mind

. .

3 THE BLOOD LIFE = NEW gods now decide kids,


Parent/child Entitled

. .

4- REASONED MIND = NO standing anywhere,

NATURAL AFFECTION NO natural affection

False gods are great WTF?

. .

5 LAW of NATION, no seventh amendment

PROTECT MOST – 1kid 20$ 2kid 10$3kid 6.66$ 4kid 5$

VALUE FAMILY NEW LAWS of god kings judges’

LAW OF NATURE god lawyer’s cops’ oath breaking,

COMMANDS OF GOD = paper illegal Unlawful lies false gods

COMMON SENSE who are no gods at all.

. .



# 6

OATH OF OFFICE = nope don’t need to obey gods

POWER FROM GOD are gods here But not for


. .

# 7

THE TRUTH IS SELF-EVIDENT, = The truth is self-evident,

Who cares for lying false gods

Better than true god,

must obey no matter reach of the lie

Proof evil idol game

to kill kids and spouse

. .


PARENTAL AUTHORITIES SUPREME = new god idols are supreme,

must obey more Honor more

than real life spouse

teaching kids to do wrong to parent

Thus taking their very false gods and very false lies to try and make it very difficult for the kids to find the path of righteousness for the kids, the truth, the way, the life, the ONLY TO GOD, and there is NOT another. This the evil that brings all the plagues, all the invoking of the evil one, carrying THE LORD GOD’S NAME in blasphemy, teaching the lies to the kids.

And it would be better a millstone be hung around the neck, and tossed into the bottom of the sea. For if one does persist in such a thing especially after THE LORD GOD LIVING warns, then the bottom of the sea is not going to be able to quench the fires that THE LORD GOD LIVING IS going to bring.


Because a country needs to have a rich person of royal blood line you see,

to show you what you are not, that is elected royalty of GOD’s OWN CHOOSING, and to call your Christ a lie, and do much Bildad lies.

Literally to f your kids and put you under dominion of them that you wont equal, if you think that there is a royal family on Earth you say there is no king other than GOD THE LORD LVIING, and didn’t Christ prove NO man is fit to rule over you.

See they have you telling more lies as you just move forward. Diana supposedly says, I want us to be alone. Prince says, for the country, do it for the country. But wait a minute, why doesn’t Diana get this, this royal family thing down, I mean is she American and so dumb retarded that she thinks not being royal in adultery is the way to go. She shall lead her people right out of the royalty into the peasant fields to not do idolatry, wait, that is weird, leaving the idol minded life, she does the idol again, so then twice, what a prince, who is coming into fruition. See it now.

I woke up I need out, let me get this idol to play god and decide for me then judge, now my kids, yes I am so free now, free as a bird, love it, look America I am going on my beautiful way, and see how they fantasize, royalize the adulterous wife, the one proverbs says about, “leaves the guide of her youth, THE GOD OF her covenant. Her ways are deep pit to hell.”

Bam look she died, how tragic, but all the women in America are like yah, Dying is good, leave husbands, join the English crown kill all our sons and say they are shit, even if royal in this life or next we must do the American princess way, and be all brave and free, and divorce, and hate a perfect royal GOD of course.

Do you remember the princess Diana and how she was all romanticized, for being an adulterous that left her prince, and family, to tear them apart, to call GOD a liar, and to chase after her beloved dream, to be a ? Wait, wasn’t all girls dream to be a princess, then a queen. That is right, and thus when she gets the perfect dream, she must still chase her dream, to be what? A normal person, and that is why she married a prince, and she didn’t plan for that at all right.

When she decided to get divorced, it was all about her wants, and needs, and how she had to pursue her path and her way, and be happy in this world, and what else, oh the publicity was far too much, for her, and that is why she got divorced, because a royal wedding turned divorce custody of the royal family wasn’t going to be a publicity stunt, not at all.

Don’t you find that the strangest of things? at all?

They romanticized the woman that left her royal family, and isn’t that the point of family, to be royal. To be royal priests. In fact is it or is it not the truth, that GOD calls us to be GOD’s elected royal priests and walk with GOD, and is it not true, that if you redefine this, then you have to make something else your god, your new holy scriptures, and your new precedence, and your new guide, and your new covenant,, for is it or is it not the same GOD OF TRUTH, THAT is THE SAME GOD of your COVENANT TO NATION, and the same GOD of the guide of your youth, and the same GOD of your HOLY SCRIPTURES, and the same GOD of your ancestors, whoever were to be repentant and faithful.


They love to be in the line to get their kids f’d, touched, or what ever they

Can get causes they get to haunt, and play games, as momma say, they deserve to die, all of them kiddy fuckers, or just touchers, or what the fuckers cutters, all it is, bashful wicked witch, one like number 520349758932475 and momma still saying, they all deserve to die, everyone of them, and nothing about the parents, with the kids, I knew some shit was up then. That is why they kept using it, to plant in your heads leaven, to puff your fake ass Christianity up, so you could and would think your works, and not touching kids, with your adultery and custody orders killing your own spouse taking kids, you would be a man, hells you would be the shit, the man, the big idol pan. Momma made herself the perfect idiotic dumb toy ass man.

THE UNITY OF NO PRECEDENCE, with an oath and precedence WTF? HOW?

1- The parent says to outside person, we should take our kids from their real parents,

a. Because they raised them up and they are doing so well.

b. Because they love them and that would hurt them THE MOST

c. Because they are their parent, so all slanders and acts are to the kids,

d. Because this would be the most fairytale union in the world

e. So, your kids will say, “I want to be their kid please mommy/daddy”

f. So, the kids curses where they come from for real having no standing at all.

g. So, we can call their god and bible a lie, and take their dominion and freedom

In Gen 1:26-27, 2:16. NOPE, so we can give it to OTHERS! For slavery pay hours

h. So, we can tell the kids half of them isn’t worth shit, cutting them half is good,

i. So, we can flip the five-point star and be goats with the idol wicked house playing

More than one god, to make sure they think men can dictate gods




There is a lot in a name to GOD, to the believer in GOD.

Raymond Michael Blair, The guardian who can be like to GOD? upon the plains/home/meadows/ or battle field, that is the home is everything worth fighting and dying for.

Sir Named Theodore Hibbard, The Gift of GOD, The Flaming Sword.

Thus cutting through every thing they put up, that has no standing with just THE WORD OF THE LORD GOD FATHER LIVING, through THE BEGOTTEN SON.

It is why my wife is in adultery to an Englishman. It is why my son was taken in the English games that were played back one the Great Island, and it is why our nation is right now falling to the same exact tactics that were taking place before the revolution. The mountebanks calling themselves the vicars of Jesus Christ, doing the trinity schemes, to 60+60+60=180 degree from our ONE LORD GOD of our National Covenant.

It is even worse right now than it was in the Revolution times. That is because in the Revolution times we were more Biblically sound. Men even in broken homes learned to die for it. Today we have few brave, for we have fewer true. And true is faithful, not conditional. Thus the adultery eats us all up, the banks have their field day, and no matter what I do, or say, none will pick up their cross and die for their LORD GOD LIVING. for what profit is it to them to do this.

Every which way I say, THE LORD SAYS. Your fathers and mine said.

Now we are precipitous, modern day stone age cruelties with no god king on the throne, so it proves it is the idols themselves, that we make gods, so then we are but being marked up for the slaughter, the prideful arrogant slaughter in which if we continue this way we richly deserve, for not getting our kids, the covenant of FREEDOM & LIBERTY that our fathers have gotten to us. So our children may serve THE LIVING LORD GOD FATHER ALONE, and not some rich prick who is probably already dead’s idols.

In this we will watch the women eat their children for their greed in great famines, no doubt, in this flesh, for the Rainbow is bright upon us, the Rain is has already begun its dropping, and we should pray to have a cleansing of us all, for maybe the youngest will live and build free, and maybe a more righteous than us will get the land that they richly deserve for being faithful and true. If our country is NOT going to be a free nation, then burn this bitch to the ground! She is far to high born to be a sold slut trailed through by every grubby hand with a coin and an evil idea to make more. She is far to GODLY to be handed over to the godless, so burn her down is right. She wasn’t made for chains, and neither was I, and neither was my son, or my wife, or my neighbors, or my city, or state or nation, so burn her down.

What father would want to hand his son slave nation. Do we not have THE HOLY SCRIPTURES? Do we not have The Declaration of Independence, and The Constitutional Bill of Rights, and everyone sworn to it? Then I do not care to be alive or care to have my son or his sons alive when they learn what these things are, and they are able to compare answers. Compare between our generation, and that which founded this nation. To compare between us and the Apostles generation. Compare to us and the Civil War’s Generation, or WW1, or WW2, or Vietnam, or Korea, fuck, I don’t want my them to compare us to Rosa Parks, or Mother Teresa, Koonta Kentae, or Amelia Earhart.

My head hangs low today, it wont bear tomorrow. I don’t care to see liars lie, and cowards rustle our kids to the slaughters, while Bildad by the drove build prisons for them, paying to build up forces to rob them for free choice. I would all fair to die long before then. I pray I do, for my prayer is not on my watch LORD, please NOT on my watch. Please, don’t let my nation and her cause be forgotten on my watch. Let me get the covenant to my son, and him to his, after that LORD put it in their hands as our fathers did to us, just please NOT on my watch I beg you, kill me before I have to witness such a sight.

So to is the plague of the sent, often, to many times do they see the destruction of their own nation, and others. Few I am afraid see the revival. I hope out for the revival, what is a city state like Nineveh to THE LORD GOD FATHER LIVING? really though, in comparison, that is nothing at all, to GOD. Sure to us, to them, but to GOD ALL MIGHTY, it isn’t even a thought I think… lol. (thinking man is wrong).

Now OH LORD GOD LIVING ARISE, I BEG, AND LET ME A NATION FROM SEA TO SEA, a nation without a hope, a nation full of cowards, and liars, murderers and adulterous, covenant breakers, feeble, fools, fools in folly, a people that loves sin, and cant tell their right hand from their feet they are so upside down, a people like me, a people of wayward ways born in wayward times, a people without a vision, a people without understanding, a hopeless people, a people of unbelief, a people with wicked beliefs and no belief in you. a fallen desperate people fat in pride, arrogance, and refuses to do righteous. Please LORD GOD FATHER LIVING if you cant find one righteous, will you still please save us, repent us, teach us, take us by the hand, and force us kicking and screaming, like the spoiled brats we have become, ungrateful haters of reproof, haters of the truth, haters of blood, family, life, love, kindness, and charity, please, LORD GOD FATHER LIVING, do with us men as YOU will whatever it takes, ,save our children, and our women, just save us. Save our covenant, re-establish it, for their sakes.

Save us for YOUR NAME SAKE LORD GOD SUPREME JUDGE OF THE WHOLE WORLD, AND NOT to the rectitude of our cause, for this lost among our people, for the desperation of our soul’s which are in great need of YOUR LOVE, YOUR FAITHFULNESS, YOUR SPIRIT, YOUR SON, YOUR WIFE,, YOUR PRESENCE, please, LORD GOD FATHER, it is now becoming winter, and we are still not saved. Save us, for you ALONE ARE SALVATION.


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