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what does Abraham and David mean

Abram, is every every husband that becomes the father, by being the husband. You only need Terak Abram and Sarai’s father, but when Abram takes her as wife, Terak becomes the father in law. This is when Abram receives the blessing of THE LORD, that is the daughter, as THE LORD GOD makes the wife for the man himself, as said in Genesis account.

Abraham is every father that does the covenant of THE LORD GOD, aka THE FATHERS, passed down from fathers to sons by oaths and vowels. That very thing that is a snake in hand, very lepros at first. But then when man repents to it, he finds THE LORD. Thus the circumcision of the heart is here is the same as the broken heart, that which THE LORD does not refuse, and that which THE LORD writes HIS new law on, which is the old law, which is the command, same as Moses breaking the first set, carving out the second and THE LORD writing on.

David is the anointed, notice the olive oil Samuel anoints little David with? That is to mark him for covenant, that he understands the difference between the male role and the female role. That he loves his momma, and he, somehow, at even that age, new that all daughters are moms, and that GOD loves his daughters. Literally, what the olive oil means, is that all females go home, they paid, and the males are reborn, not so many, from all counts on this side, and from the other it sounds the same, though no answer but 144,000, but that only means the same thing I am saying now, 144 =12x12 for the mother it’s 12, she births the sons, 12 months out of the year and here he is counted zodiac, and to be reborn you have out of the 12 zodiacs, to be a man, a reborn man, to GOD, heavenly, thus also is the walls of New Jerusalem.

Point is David means that he is set aside, taken from, chosen, this all means the same as anointed. The reason the spirit fell on him is the same reason it is themed as a dove with olive branch. The dove being the daughters who grow wings and fly to heaven, as the same in Egypt, one feather is all the daughters, and the heart is the man that puts it to heart, and with little David we see the same that is THE LORD sees the heart. And later we also get Samuel saying to Saul about his kingdom “…your kingdom shall be taken and given to another, one who is after GOD’s own heart, one who obeys his commands and does his will….even to a more righteous neighbor, even to David.”

And you see that David calls out to Saul, “let THE LORD rend to every man his own righteousness.” Thus then when must find this righteousness that David so wished to be rendered. Yes, they say, “every man a lair,” and it is true, “every man found a liar,” but it is not true that every man stays a liar, for if you are to stand then it is to be in GOD’s word that you stand, for “GOD be true.” Then it is in the choosing of the truth, and all David does to be righteous, is not do. LIterally he just doesn't do anything, he just waits on THE LORD. And this is David’s righteousness, that he renders not only to Saul but to Nabal and several others, even that unto himself.

David gives us the Psalms, which are a law unto themselves, or as it were, a Torah unto themselves. David mentions sheep herding to King Saul just before he slays Goliath. That husbandry is ordained in Heaven, right after Man gets his first two commands, but before he gets his wife. David that example of the good shepherd, and to be the good shepherd, you just have to be a good lamb, that is for the slaughter. Thus did David believe THE LORD RIghteous and Good, and thought no ill will of GOD, thus bringing all the tribe blameless, how much more his women. but the much more. David himself saying, “do you think marrying the daughter of the king a light matter.” Thus you see she as the olive branch and as the dove itself, she is being that flies home.

Solomon clearly learning from the Psalms, and from Egypt, as Psalm 22 clearly quotes Hemotep from Egypt the wise father, his thirty sayings, and they are all about justice for the widow, for the orphans, and the dumb at the gate. Solomon goes on in Proverbs from the beginning of wisdom, and the mother’s law, her blood, how it is the diadem home, and how riches grows wings and fly to heaven, that riches, is treasures, is also covenant. That is the riches, of GOD, The Covenant.

Thus you have also with David, the famous quote by Christ that shut them all up, leaving them all astounded; “How is it if The Messiah is to come from David that David called him my Lord saying, “My Lord said to My LORD sit thou at my right hand” and the answer is that from Abigail, when she called him Lord and her GOD Lord, so then David’s husband LORD is CHRIST, and THE LORD GOD, so my LORD said to my LORD, and if you have the wife saying on your behalf, and you covering her as in the Israeli style of the covenant you get your wife saying, MY LORD (as in my LORD GOD) said to my LORD (my husband) sit though at my right hand while I make your enemies your footstool. That is if one be in adultery, and one be faithful to the covenant, the oath the vow, not carrying THE LORD’S name in vain.

This is the same as Psalms 45 which is the good matter of the heart. Has to do with the man with the righteous cause, the right hand, the terrible things it will teach you, the daughters, and getting them all home blameless, covered. This is the same as Isaiah 40:1–3 the straight way of THE LORD, which is what Jesus does the same, covering blameless going before them. But David is anointed with olive oil the same reason that Christ is in the Mount of Olives when the woman stays standing in adultery, and when Jesus is praying the Garde of Gethsemane, which means olive press. That is he doesn’t loose one save the son of perdition, for the call is to you sons of men, as proverbs states.

But that is the meaning of them. remember that Saul to was anointed by Samuel with olive oil. And David did mention his care for the daughters in his eulogy. But Abraham means even when anointed, you keep it, you go on to do the whole line of David as it were, and not that of Saul. aka you repent to the command, and you keep them.

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THE ONE FATHER LORD GOD made man and put him at the east of the garden, then THE LORD GOD formed the man, blew life/breathe into his nostrils, then THE LORD GOD commanded the man. This is in Gen 2:16-


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