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What is the significance of Jesus stating the kingdom of God is within you (Luke 17:21)?

What is the significance of Jesus stating the kingdom of God is within you (Luke 17:21)?

The Truth is how one can choose GOD, the truth, thus this is the new heart with the new law written on it, that is the same ten command, same as Moses does at the mount, receiving two sets.

the command are true, they are mile stones to let you know if your in truth, with GOD or against, thus the man born a liar under the serpent, must choose truth to be pure of heart, to have a good conscience toward GOD.

GOD is true and can’t lie, the choice of lie and truth is in the heart, thus the kingdom of heaven is in you, the truth. fill up with it, it is the only way to GOD and not another.

Thus the heart is the word, the hand / oath / vow and the hand is the feet, so it takes shoes off and stand on holy ground, that is the truth and all GOD has done in your life, thus it is also the same as feet washed, the man is the hands, head, feet, the word, for the covering of the wife, the body.

Thus if they rebel or even care it doesn’t matter, for you received from GOD in truth, thus, it is in your heart, believe GOD’s truth, it is all that truly is and will be.

We know who we serve, and we know that true worshippers worship GOD in spirit and truth. The Command being true, make them the ancient landmarks set by the fathers never to be removed. Thus these the command prove that you are in THE LORD'S LAW, THE TRUTH. Which is the only way to GOD, and there is not another. So then it is the truth, the kingdom of GOD that is within.

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