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Which Jesus is real, the one in the Quran or the one in the Bible?

They are the same Jesus, let me demonstrate what our founding Fathers in These United States of America knew 240+ years ago, GOD IS ONE, and has TEN COMMAND.

That Christian Muslim and Jew, are all The Sons of Abraham in The Faith of THE ONE LORD GOD FATHER THE LORD GOD AMMON THE GOD OF TRUTH THE GOD OF THE COVENANT, (Isaiah 65:16) That we are all 3 faiths, The People of The Book. The Tenakh (Old Testament/Torah Moses/ Law & Prophets), The Holy Bible (Ibid and The New Testament 4Gospels/Epistles/Rev), The Quran (Muhammed from Gabriel/ the fulfilling of the promise to Abraham about Ishmael after Isaac Maintenance), that these are all three 100% without fault in accordance, all divinely inspired and managed and kept by THE ONE LORD GOD.

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Let me begin with the verse of Quran where they read it wrong saying they crucified but did not. Pay attention to how they have dissembled your faith, your fathers, who said GOD is one who got you here, and they had not the internet or such access, so how is it them taking everything building you PRI-sons if you don’t obey their idols can’t seem to get it, cause they are all lying. here is clear proof. GOD IS ONE our fathers were wise in GOD, in THE HOLY SPIRIT.

They both are the same Jesus, GOD is ONE THE MESSIAH TOO, is ONE.

Muhammad seems to say it in a way to cause division, to find who is trying to unite under ONE GOD, but really this is THE LORD GOD trying the hearts and minds of his creation, that is to show you who you are.

When they say, they are lying, or are misguided, saying the Quran says, Jesus didn’t get crucified, they didn’t kill him. if you look diligently it is saying almost word for word, what Jesus says himself, in the New Testament, and what Solomon says in WoSol3:1–7, so too the Quran as Muhammed says, "i have come to confirm The Torah of Moses and The Gospel of Jesus." Proving they are lying or are misled in their understanding, that is they are not asking GOD. WHOI IS ONE.

In most cases, you will find that men will answer that which they know not the answer to. As it reads, "It is better to go about life with a guide than it is to go about without one." how much more is this on the matter of THE MOST HIGH GOD? Much the more, much the more, GOD is not mocked. It is a humility test, to see if men will play god and say what do not know, whether of peer pressure greed, or pride of just lying, pride is still the issue in all of them, for humility before GOD is the truth, and without that, you are in pride and began to depart from your maker. The first time I encountered this in the faith, is the trinity, they spoke as though Jesus was THE FATHER, when he himself clearly made a distinction, saying "THE FATHER IS GREATER THAN I, I tell you this that you may believe." Another time was THE HOLY SPIRIT, everyone kept making it a male, and speaking as though it was THE FATHER THE SON and another MAN, but I learned SHE IS THE HOLY SPIRIT WISDOM, and all daughters are in her, by blood chastising of THE LORD GOD in Eden.

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Let us start with could they kill Jesus? What if he laid down his life? THE FATHER says he can pick it up again, and he said this himself, "He that lays it down can pick it up, again. For if he that gives his life up for my sake shall find it, and he that goes to keep it shall lose it." and in another place, "I lay down my life for my sheep. This is the command that I received from my father, to lay down my life, that I may pick it up again."

Now let us talk about, the prophecy, they are numerous, and let us talk about John The Baptist, knew "Here is THE LAMB OF GOD that takes away the sins of the world." Do you think John The Baptist didn’t understand that he was to be slain when that is how he introduced him? I mean do you know anything but slaughter from THE GOD OF ISRAEL when it comes to lambs? No they are for atonement, they an example of man to his shepherd, for GOD is goinng to kill us all, "thou shalt die the death," is the covenant from the beginning. In another it reads, Jeuss says, "I will come and kill all her children MYSELF, and then everyone shall know that I AM HE, that tries the hearts of all creation to discern the true intents of their hearts.."

Now lets talk about every person that is prophecied by the angels of THE LORD, does he not describe them perfectly, from Samson, to John The Baptist, to the boys in their youth, David, and Jeremiah and Joseph, and Jacob, and more. Then you see Jesus is the same. It does say even way back, to Eden, "Her seed shall bruise your head, and your head shall bruise his heel." this equals, he shall crush and kill you by stepping on your head, and you shall stub his toe, that is a modern translation in our language, and it is accurate. Now see in all the scriptures before him it describes him, and that which he would perform.

So my question is GOD did the crucifixion, HE SAID, it HAPPENED, so if he used this person we will call H for Herod or he used that person we will J for Julius Ceasar, or this one we will X for Professor X from X-men, is it that professor could boast if a 4,000-year long prophecy came to be fulfilled, not about him he was just used to be the mode or track to bring the train in, that train is CHRIST THE MESSIAH, but you always knew this was coming. So then can the piece of wood on a train track boast that it brought the train in? No, he can be easily replaced by any piece of wood, so too them that boast they crucified Jesus, NO THE LORD crucified Jesus Christ, as it states in Isaiah, "IT PLEASED "Yet it pleased the LORD to bruise/CRUSH him; he hath put him to grief: when thou shalt make his soul an offering for sin, he shall see his seed, he shall prolong his days, and the pleasure of the LORD shall prosper in his hand. Isaiah 53:10" in another place, "A NAIL FASTENED AND THEN PULLED STRAIGHT UP, AND ANOTHER PUT IN IT’S PLACE." clearly they could do nothing unless it came from Heaven, and why would give them that thing to crucify THE MESSIAH? because man crucifies his own sons, in the idolatry he arises in and this is evil god-damned sin, ask any father reborn, and it is hard to believe that even GOD would forgive that, a father crucifying his sons serving idols, paying bills making pri-sons in case his sons thought not to pay and obey them. You see that leads to hell, but GOD who can not sin does it, and it makes a way out of that hell, and then man could believe GOD, so then you see why it pleased it, and you see why THE FATHER did this, as it reads, "it pleased THE LORD," and in another, "to destroy the works of the devil," and do you need any more proof, they were but like dust in the garden, GOD is growing, and boasting, how stupid.

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in another, place, "if i lay it down, i give it and you can not take that which is given." Thus "saying they did it" is the point the Quran is making, they are fools, to think they can kill a servant of GOD, as though GOD wasn’t or isn’t killing everyone anyways. They are puffed up and arrogant. You can’t really kill anyone, for if you did it truly by your will without receiving it from heaven, you would have sought out from the beginning of their life and yours to do so, but if it comes by and you choose to take part. You are then as it reads, powerless to do good or evil, but can only choose that which is passing by you. Unless you intended it to pass by, or brought all that is to be before it was, you are choosing the evil presented and not really doing it, it is on loan, for a doing, but not you doing it. As it reads, "before he is old enough to know to refuse the evil and choose the good."

Most people boast far too much, for they forget GOD is going kill them. Not going to, but is right now, it began the moment you began in this world, in your mother’s womb, you are born to die. Then if you think to kill anyone you are just the vessel of evil used, for dishonor, so don’t boast. Who chooses dishonor, to be a vessel of?

If you want to learn more of your duty as a male/man to GOD, please a lot more of this, and much more wisdom applied all truth all in GOD, for your freedom.

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