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White lives matter, truth matters more men.

Unity is always solid in solidarity, as Christ teaches, "there shall be five in the house and I shall turn three against two, two against one, brother against brother and father against son and son against father, but these shall stand as a solitary."

This is only done by truth,

Psalm 119:142

You're righteousness is a righteousness of old and your law is the truth.

Psalm 119:151

YOU are near to me, and YOUR COMMANDS ARE TRUE.

Proverbs 22:28

Remove not the ancient landmarks your FATHERS have set.

Then it is in this country the 10 Bill of Rights, that which white and black men, our fathers have shed their blood to get to our sons, and without the knowing of why your father's blood was being spilled, and what their words they suffered & died to to tell you, then you will never know the GOD of your fathers.

"I AM THE GOD of your FATHERS," & again, "I made covenant with your fathers." Thus is repeated, "my son, my son, the call is to you sons of men."

the problem in Egypt, as the Lord told Moses "tell them I am the GOD of their fathers. Moses asks "but if they ask HIS name?" Who GOD or the fathers, they are one in same. To believe GOD u must believe your fathers that carries his words, made covenant to get you here.

Then it is the ancient landmarks in your not to move that your fathers set; the ten commands, the marriage Covenant, the rule of authority by GOD for children to live long & receive the land, the fifth command to Honor and to obey father and mother. And for US the ten bill of rights, & the gospel of GOD. WE ARE FREE!

Then it is the eternal landmark the marriage covenant the image of GOD, that is assaulted, if u find not ur own spouse a gift why will kids find parents a GODLY gift, and if men hold not here, what if GOD will they hold?

But as long as you have men forcing their spouses to die and divorce=die Force, and cursing their kids toads in custody, saying they are with God, and they are for peace, when they are nothing but destroyers, making idols God's with lies, thus seeking to be slaves and make the children the same. For killing of the truth is the killing of freedom.

There are two laws in all scripture by GOD Himself that I have found,

One is the truth all men are found in violation too.

The other is the blood of the mothers, the first act of God in flesh life, GOD confirmed the authority of mothers over the sons.

All men are found in violation too HIS laws, father let's son take first, father second, and then well there is the one sin not forgiven.

To remove the children from the mothers is the abomination of desolation. And any man that stands not in defense of the mother who sufferings prove the first act of GOD, is no man of GOD or for peace. GOD'S first act sealed by blood.

There are idolaters that will move with every wind and wave to gain for themselves, this is always been the sin of the world. It is the proof of the faith of men for if they believe not the blood of a mother and her pains bringing in the children there is no way they believe the blood of Christ or of their fathers or of their brothers and country who stand in defense on the wall for that which fathers died to get them.

And suffering birthing pains did the fathers suffer and die to get the word true, covenant to us sons. The oaths, vows, the duty of men.

But they would rather go to work and help Herod or pharaoh, saying it's fair to owe the rich saying it's fair that the children pay permission to other men that die like beasts, like all men.

Until a man beats sin sickness or death he should not rule over another. Making his free decisions, how much more if physical harm is done to enforce it.

And this has never been a skin color issue for every racist man is but an idolater and will kiss the ass of any person they say they are racist against as long as it can benefit them in idolatry gain.

as the white slave owners did the black kings and the black kings in Africa did the white slave owners. So too has been done all over the world to the Scotts to the Jews & to the Chinese.

All of which have shedded blood in this nation, this one nation under God, indivisible with liberty and justice for all.

but they divide even blood, even from blood mother from child, and they let the wizard of Oz reign over them with every idol.

If there is a line it must be at the mother's authority by blood if not there is no line at all.

when they are tossed about like a wave on a sea saying that wisdom is not from GOD but from the rich, then there's no more wisdom but that which can be bought and that is not wisdom that is slavery.

Any man that establishes not the father with honor over the family, but is for divorce adultery child custody, is the same man that will take children from mothers. They will fain play righteous, tossing pig skins watching Men in tights tackle each other, and teach nothing of the Covenant, and the father is a covenantal father, and every father of every race who loves their children and their wife loves must love them like a father, and guard over them.

the covenants of the firewall to catch everyone who would destroy their sons, wives, & their children.

God is no fool, and neither is any man of God who is by God over his family. They won't fall for racism, or idol schemes, but they are covenant faithful Men, and repentantly so.

all men are found coming short, but not all will die a coward killing their children and the mothers to their children ,or their mothers, by staying little boy liars to shred the mothers apart like Giants as in the Nephilim's day.

Being liars like Goliath, so dumb like Sodom as they game more of like Gamorah.

But if they be Christian they will lift Christ up and all men will be drawn to him, men who defend theirs by trust in their God.

Not rule given over to others, to men that die like beasts, who make arts and crafts, literally first grade idolatry, or do skin surface racism. If racism was the issue race based nations would be cured of sin the same.

Men of GOD will secure freedom for their sons, by FAITH IN GOD, for without freedom none can serve GOD. what is better than freedom, from freedom all is possible.

And idolatry is the oldest, most ignorant religion, it is the beginning of all extreme evils, saying one must pursue to pay and get permission from them that die the same, and play as tho it's right and fitting, when it's ignorance.

When men surrender reason to that of idol rule then all is lost already, for man was made to rule, and anyone that doesn't rule self is a slave, to rule self u must be free, and this by truth.

All men called too keep and do, and it's the best thing anyone can do, it's you, your kids, your future kids, truly is. And why wouldn't you want them to be free to be them.

If we leave a lie, we leave death, and death is evil to leave the kids. Thus it is truth, freedom, they are owed, and we must get it to them as men, or we have strived to sin against GOD, for truth is already done, we just choose it.

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