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why do we twist scriptures, with the right answer.

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why do we twist scriptures? with the right answer.

GOD makes man, that is the claim of GOD, HIS OWN HANDY WORK, HE CLAIMS IT.

"I have hardened pharaoh's heart for this MY GLORY."

GOD doesn't leave it to a guessing game.

It is done because they do not keep The Command of GOD, they do not keep the law of the mothers as Proverbs states,

Listen, my son, to your father’s instruction and do not forsake your mother’s teaching.

proverbs 1:8

They twist it because this man speaks like that, he is not teaching you anything, he is leaving you with no answer, saying that it can just get mixed up,

if you can ask that question as he said, about any event how is it that i came up with the answer.

the keeping of the covenant is the reason men learn of THE ONLY WISE GOD,

GOD doesn't leave it to a guess.

the bible repeats over and over through out it all, it is in the command,

Adam got ejected why?

"because you did NOT KEEP MY COMMAND, cursed.."

Christ said, after being asked how do we make it to heaven? "KEEP THE COMMAND." Who does the dragon wage war on, and who is blessed forever, "them that keep the command of GOD and the testimony of Jesus." "The commands are the issues to all of life,"

"the command are eternal life,"

and no where in the bible does it say that man has free will, it says only one will, HIS WILL.

now you get free choice, but never will, only will.


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