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Updated: Jul 30, 2022


YouTube Fly Nubian Queen

To a lady whose husband was a pastor supposedly Christian pastor in our faith commenting on her husband and his new nurse girlfriend and their daughter passing away a year before all this.

I'm so sorry for ur predicament. I do know both ur pains here adultery and loss of child as my was kidnapped out the back door in liss, will u please look at some my videos on here. There about covenants. U r right he is ur husband so I hope u r turning to GOD to the covenant, for u need remember if u b Christian truly, HIS bride crucified HIM, and HE brought her blameless and u can say that IS HIS ROLE and it is, but sixteen year old Anne Bolin in the poem "make me your wife your one and only" keeps her man as he beheads her. This is not a game this is for souls, note well in mythology the gods/you that are eternal do adulteries conspire even go to kill each other, but what they dont do is call creator a liar in joining them together. This is for Dominion for eternities gen1:26-28 keep u the faith it is clear the Satan has got the chance to try u. Daughter & husband. U must be worth much to GOD and U must have helped many. So I will tell u the best advice I ever heard so take it. R I ready. ALL THEM SERMONS U GAVE ALL THAT HOPE U TAUGHT ALL THAT TRUST IN GOD WISDOM U GAVE ! BELIEVE U YOUR OWN SERMONS BELIEVE YOU YOUR OWN MINISTERING ! I PRAY U DO, & let it keep u GOD IS REAL u doubt look to that cross THEM that learn of HIS SORROWS ARE HIS. GOD will often separate u to teach u, & we forget HIS means r harder on us that HIS true intent. This body is magot food & u get new so God will use this body up to teach you things that are invisible within such as the sorrows of Christ.

You remember Hosea's wife Gomer he had to fetch her many times & those children she had are most likely from other men. When she was used up her beauty was gone God had Hosea by her it was being sold for pennies with his entire life saving and when she asked why would you do this Hosea why do you treat me like this why do you love me with such love I'm not worthy. Hosea response because God says you are my wife. Gomer is the queen in heaven today a new body sanctified pure set apart for Hoses alone. Untouched by any other. This body is magnified you're a ghost in the shell. The reason is for things like this exactly like this. From the bottom up.

Do not be an ass thinking anyone can tear assunder that which God unites. The purple garments is someone from the top down that is the family casting lots while they crucify you is also what they've done to him. Who has a lot of money you can have this wife and kids who has a lot of tits and ass you can have this husband and kid. Them that think they can supersede what God has done from heaven will burn asunder as an ass for men to lust and greed not under one God familiarize yourself where you are for your truly learning the cross that means you are truly learning of Christ that means you're truly learning of God that means you're on the way stay true.

You can see more of this group at, as i have yet to check out more of their works.



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