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What if i, just peaked through the veil, will i still die?

Surely when Moses asked THE LORD to see HIS face, and SHE THE LORD ADONAI answered Moses saying, "None have seen MY FACE and lived." Moses was then able to see the backside of THE LORD, and THE HAND of THE LORD, as IT covered Moses. That is the backside for the blood and judgemnet only just, no mercy, laws of a shcoolmaster to teach us dummies what is so easy for GOD to comprehend, that is Mercy and Grace, Charity TRUE LOVE with TRUE WISDOM.

Surely Moses had to have thought, what if i just peak through the veil, would you still kill me LORD, even just me? Now i know many think that it is THE FATHER you never get to see HIS face, but it clearly is not this way. For you see in the garden why men veil their women today, and why they walk in front of them the same. I use to think i walked in front of my wife, because she is a woman, and doesn't walk with a mission oriented mind as my old retired artillery sergeant ass doesk and did. I thought, she must just be lacking the purpose and drive to keep up such a march, like most the men i ran or marched beside, she couldnt keep up.

But it was not this at all, in fact, i was the dumb ass. A retarded evil god damned dumb ass, i actually was. It had nothing to do with that. It had to do with GOD telling me things before GOD told me things, that is before i began to seek HIS ANSWER, HIS WILL, and the faithful that chose HIM. One of my most astonishing things, in life, was the fact i memorised and loved the words of fathers, of this nation, and others, such as Sun Tzu, or Jefferson, or Einstein, and i would quote them as i seen fit and learned to quote them, as atheist. Then i grew up, and learned these men are only remembered because they chose THE FATHER LORD GOD LIVING, that their words, were HIS words in most cased, not that the ones i learned in my youth were THE SENT SERVANT of THE LORD, but they were Saints none the less, and i do mean NONE THE LESS for THE SENT is EQUAL TO THE SAINT in GOD's EYES, THE SENT have a more accurate vocabulary in THEIR SAYING and not by their doing, it is more discovered by them as they go along saying things they dont fully understand until THE LORD reveals it to them, but the saint learns it as speaking inacurately, getting it wrong, then moving to correction.

Again the sent get it right in words, wrong at mental vision, as in HE blinds them they are veiled as the saint is, and the saint can get it wrong in speech to be corrected by antoher, to get it right, THE SENT learn from a Saint for sure, oh my GOD for sure, but they are not corrected by a Saint. But THE SENT DONT see this, until some time in. The Saint, keeps HIS way by the Same as The Sent, that is they trust GOD, just one is Sent by THE FATHER, and THE OTHER IS coming to THE FATHER, i have yet to reconcile these as i still come to THE FATHER, but sent to others, and the saint, is sent but only to HIS family and them THE FATHER puts on HIS HAND. and this is difficult to translate for the family HE is sent too, the saint, nor the sent, can heal, as he can them whom don't know him, as Christ clearly teaches us.

The point of this is easily seen for me, that is the family is going to be your main opposition, for they are that which you love most and thus if you know who your GOD THE FATHER IS, if you truly believe, then you must see why THE FATHER would have them be your greates opposition and doubters, so as to see if you hate them for HIS sake, hate as we use it is inacurate, in Hebrew and Arabic it is better used, to mean, you prefer less. And if you prefer THE FATHER CREATOR GIFT GIVER ONLY SALVATION TO ALL LIFE ALL WISE less than the give HE GAVE to you, then you can see why you dont know who HE IS. and thus since THE FATHER IS UNFATHOMABLE, HE has given us TRUTH, to know that we are with HIM, under HIM, come to HIM, found HIM, whatever it may be, and it is vile, and vulgar, much, often, so much so that many will shake of GOD's TRUTH as though its shit on their hands, and choose a liar like themselves passing opinion on matters to that of the truth. Prefering of how it looks and how it sounds to that, nay, over that which it truly is.

Saying it is not the living waters within the vessel that matters, but it is the vessel that the whatever waters they be come in. As you can see the moment they change the searching out from to that which is in the vessel, that is the living waters of truth, to the outside of the vessel, then it doesnt matter any more of that which the vessel carries. This is in the sum of all matters why they killed the profits, why they refused and crucified THE CHRIST and called in one voice to let the murderer Barrabas go free back to them. For Barrabas had a fine golden vessel in which he subtely and calmly gave them their adutlerous bill paying cursed kid making death, however, Christ woud give THE LIVING WATERS OF TRUTH, to cut through the world, the death in it, the idol lies of subjection and stand them on their roaylly majestic priestly called own two feet with one mind and heart free and brave, but because it comes not in the ways of serpentine subtlety and calmed collectedness, they take it for a mad man flailing his arms about shouting as they did John, a mad man speaking of high royalty and priestly order to all man, and this they being slaves with slavish opinions of what royal and priest should like, which is a lie, counted John like Christ for dillusions, and not real enough to their subjective slave paying works likedness.

"it is not the vessel we have to do with, but that in which the vessel carries." Horatius Bonar. The reason for this, is several fold as all the things THE FATHER DOES IS. ONE and MOST important is that you learn that its THE WORD that is of value, THE WORD, and not the looks, as you will grow old, fat, beat up, broke, all the way unto dust, most assuredly. Why? because THE FATHER SAID ONCE BY THE WORD, "thou shalt die the death," and this is the covenant from the beginning, and we all born in flesh under this command and covenant from the beginning. and why? cause THE FATHER SAID IT WITH WORD. the same reason that you MAY BE, saved from it, THE WORD ! you see the beginning one important factor FOR THE LORD GOD FATHER LIVING THAT SPOKE EVERYTHING INTO EXISTENCE, THAT IS THE WORD.

If i have a lesser being than i, that i could raise up and make greater, by the means in which i make them greater, i must make their lesser selves, come to the terms of which i chose to make them greater. Do you understand. If i am to maie you a physicist, i must get you to understand the importance of numbers, how they are representations of things, and not the things themselves, and how this can be manipulated, and how it can purify, that is in the operations of carrying them out in processes. So to then THE WORD of THE LORD GOD LIVING does with THE WORD.

Now THE LORD GOD LIVING BEING ALL WISE, and NOT being a respector of persons, has made THE WORD so easily accessible that even the dumbest of all men can grasp its process, and if THE ALL KNOWING FATHER ALSO MADE IT SO PERFECT in it's operatyion that the dumbest can not be failed by it. That is as it is written, "even a fool can not go astray on the paths of righteousness that THE LORD has made." that is again "YOUR RIGHTEOUSNESS is a RIGHTEOUSNESS OF OLD, and YOUR LAW IS THE TRUTH" thus then do we have the paths of righteousness for all creation, it is the truth THE FATHER CREATOR MADE FOR THEM. and again is said, "THE TRUTH IS AN ORACLE FROM THE LORD GOD." and it is, and it is THE FAITHFUL ORACLE. and again is it said, "NONE HAVE GONE WRONG IN TRUSTING THE LORD." Then truth being that mode of which THE FATHER CREATOR POURED OUT FOR YOU ALONE, to make it an equal balance and choice for all, everyone to their very own narrow gate created only by THE FATHER CREATOR HIMSELF, and any that dont choose it, dont make it. that is simple, "hi im your creator, only good only wise, and if you love the life i make, that is all life, or any of it at all, that is even yourself, you must be true, dont choose to play me and think you can slide by, like i said i am the creator, i dont lie and i made all things even the liars, so set your heart right aim true and ill do the rest, ill know if you dont, and you will go to hell."

there is the summary of GOD, in lamens terms. Come back to the truth, and you will be forgiven. Well most didn't believe HIS ALL INSPIRING MERCY, so HE dismantles this with crucifying HIS OWN SON, to show HE knows exactly what we do, crucifying our own spouses, kids, siblings, friends, countrymen, the like all the world over.

That is the selling out of friends for profits, with Judas, note well it doesnt say whether he went to hell or to heaven, Christ only says that HE lost him, the son of perdition, but doesn't say it is Judas specifically. What i mean is what GOD means when YOU read it. That is if HE will leave the 99 to fetch the 1, WILL HE not leave the 11 to get the 1 for the sum of 12. that is if for 1 HE will risk 99 then if for 1 will HE not risk 11, or is that a worse of a ratio, not that with THE FATHER the 99 or the 12 or the ONE is ever in harms way truly, for HE only says things that we a lesser being, entity, persona, thing, creation, created, can understand, and if it takes thousands of years, about four thousand by what most agree biblically aligned, that if it four thousand years to tell you of THE HEAVENLY GIFT OF THE CHRIST then does it, and still having to explain what it is, was, and is even still coming to be, for two thousand more years, then tell me, how much the more are we, you , me, and us, missing the gravity of HIS WORDS. all the much, all so much the much.

Tell them all, as i age, and when i pass, the coffee gets more bitter in the pot on the flame, darker to the eye, as i get slower, and the words are harder to see for reading, but do they ever so much the more get ever the so much more deeper. Tell them all they are deeper, and truer, than i had ever conceived them too be. Tell them to fill up with HIS WORD, HIS TRUTH, THEIR VOWS and THEIR OATHS, for them and their children, tell them to hold fast till HE COMES, for HE COMES, and HE does not tarry, and it is like the thief in the night, you shall not be expecting HIM, so just hold fast to what you have. you need it to live, if you have ever desired to live, then hold fast for they get all the much more deeper, and true, and thus does it all become more bitter to the taste and to the sight as we are in this pot, and drinking it up, with roasting. There is a fire upon this world, and HE is watching until it blazes.

Then you have the seized by the showing of power and force of five hundred battle Roman troops to a poor Jewish Rabbi who is known to be unarmed, and if you have ever been arrested or know any, or a warrant issued in that arrest, you know what these passages are talking about as they swarm down on you to inflict fear, and panick, as all these men in their battle array, do go arrye in their idol show pretended powers. This all like you they come upon is but dust, and shall return to that which they are, and for such un-hearted actions, if they ignore the call, as most assured asses do, that is the assyrian horse, the cops and military out of Job, they believe their own vanities in passing numbers, never asking how the office they have came to be, invoking THE HOLY NAME OF THE HOLY ONE that founded his office and position with his very own faithful fathers, but now in will of men does do disgrace it without unrepentance, and these are sure to get the hell for the hell they unrepentantly build up. A fine line between a prince going to heaven and persona of a prince going to hell, and it is hard to see that line, but not for GOD.

This betrayel in this garden of olive presses, The Garden of Gethsemine, that is what the name means, olive press, for that is what THE FATHER does to Adam, HE presses Adam with the woman, with the serpent, and even with HIMSELF, the covering of THE RUACH, that is the wind, the HOLY SPIRIT, THE CALM COOL BREEZE, Adam must have been privy to what most are in sin, that THE FATHER WILL KILL YOU looking upon THE MOTHER HOLY SPIRIT in sin, sinful eyes, and mind, in disobedience, and thus too down here too. Thus then do the righteous NOT run, and do they not fear even death. As Christ did not. and the men, HIS very own disciples are asleep, doing idolatry is what it roughly translates too, yet accurately. That is they are going back too work, they are watching from afar, they waiting, they are paying, they continuing in the mouse trap of men laid out and not the truth that GOD HAS PUT BEFORE THEM.

Indeed they can not obey THE TRUTH OF GOD yet, they had not received THE HOLY SPIRIT, for all that Christ was saying to them they couldtn comprehed yet. Stay awake, I AM SORROWFUL EVEN UNTO DEATH BROTHERS STAY AWAKE. and this HE does twice, and twice do they not perceive, and then they come, the battle ready show, and all but few vanish in their approach like Adam and Eve all over again in the garden of Eden.

Then you have Christ unlike them and Adam, get it perfect, meeting the battle head on, with ONLY HIS LORD GOD and not HIM, but HIS FAITH IN HIM, HIS TRUST IN HIM, and no matter how it goes, and Christ knows, this one has to be bad, where as we dont really know, but for our sakes, we like Peter says, should expect to be treated worse, and i quote, "If HE THE HOLY CHOICE LAMB is so chastized then we must equip ourselves in like manner for the same things, for them that have overcome sin in this flesh, suffer the like same in this flesh." Of course this in heinsight of the crucifixion and the denying THE CHRIST, thrice, so you can see how Peter learned the whiles of the devil well, and Peter being told what it would be, would come to understand more than most, woud.

Then you have your friends, brothers, sisters, as Peter represents, that will try to get to help you, but they wont put themselves out there to be harmed, they will even feign play to deny you, that they even knew you, while slithering to get to you. This is still not accepted, for Peter told two denials, and one lie, the first answer was the lie, still counted a denial of CHRIST THE TRUTH THE WAY THE LIFE, and there is no other to GOD but by THE TRUTH. thus then Peter pulled an illegal immigrant move, "no comprende." i dont understand your words, or i dont know what your saying, or i dont know what your even talking about. All these the same, a lie Peter said, and a lie is the denial of your MESSAGE YOUR MESSIAH, and what they do when they are not the ones necassarily doing it, but they are innocent and without sin, and if you deny this then you are guilty of denying the message for you, the messiah, the christ, and this is where Satanas wants you at, presses you too, for the satanas only needs you too lie, and to deny your LORD GOD and what HE does to move you out of the trust account, and this puts you as your own god, which puts you bowed, kneeling before satans, remember satan does need you to make him your god, he only needs you to doubt THE FATHER LORD GOD, and this will move GOD to most likely give you to Satana, for your pride, and Satanas gets nothing, thus then you are eaten by a serpent that eats dust for you are dust, and that serpent becomes like dust itself, so nothing to nothing is still nothing in all things.

The cross casting of the lots for the purple garment is the casting of who has a lot can have this family, wife and kids. the wont rip them apart, but rip you from them. And when they do this to the wife, the female crucified, as they spit, mock, shame, disgrace, play in any wise, better while not being truly covenantal, that is GOD ALONE IS THEIR RIGHTEOUSNESS, they are only denying their evil god damned sinning coward state from sidelines as the wave swells their way they join, and they shall if not repent be blown away in like manner, after eating all their evil here, that is the kids in which they feed their lying shit words, they know are lying shit words. If they do this to the woman, than the man goes to whatever woman has alot of tits and ass, if male it is usually idol moneys, serving Mammon, that is money, for one mom, that mom-mon, mom one, not reborn for the two mothers.

As they cast lots for their fuck boy games they do love to so dumb game more of, gaining more of they think foolishly with no reason or standard, thus in their scourgings they are beside women and children the like, as birds of a feather do flock together, and THE FATHER is very clear on testing fruits, that the wolf in sheep's clothing is with the sheep, and the man is one the wall, to cover his sheep, or is also said like so, "them that will kill the parent kiss the kids," or is also said like, "them that sacrifice to the idols kiss the kids," or is also said, "they wear the children as fig leaf covers." All these are the like in their manner, the soldiers of misfortune, playing the hero falsely, they sing a the false heroes song, what we know as Herod's, or herodians. Them that know righteousness, such as John The Baptist yet they still cut off his head for their job, the same that nail Christ to the cross, "what shall i do Jesus, its my job and i have to pay my horse payment, or i cant ride it to work so i must obey the evil you preach against, and feed my family, leaving behind a well equipped and trained more world of evil for my kids then when i came into it."

then you have the nails of the cross, they nail HIM down with. that is the industry of men always built up to be the Wizard of Oz, gold paid road in the which men serve witches, her green evnious skins, her crooked nose of lies always saying she knows or could be just in her always flying away or sweeping away to leave behind the truth, or cover her own evil acts, which most likely is how she is accusing one, something of her witchcrafts she plots out. As this is why they love theri curse, and love to kill John the Baptist or any of the like that preach teh covenants, the truth, the freedoms there with, or the fact of all the evils that come with adultery custody divorce, seeing how it usurps their own children, teaching them their new god is the courts, and their new father isnt GOD THE ONE FATHER but is an oath breaking adulterer that shames and disgraces their father, who most likely suffers for their righteousness, thinking, nay, believing the truth that he is GOD made free, and his wife is a gift of GOD.

Thus do they fill the children with new wine in their old wine skins, and thus does their parent with step parent, trample them under foot, preferring the new to the old, as though they were ever even comparible, for no one ever prefers a new friend to an old, and no one ever prefers the new wine to the old, for that which is of the aged is the best, for GOD multiplies and doesnt divide, for THE FATHER LORD GOD LIVING doesnt command you to multiply then divide, no HE does as HE commands you, for that is why HE COMMANDS YOU.

In this alone you can see why the adultery and custody of courts is the black magic witchcraft of old days and today. and you can see why when Christ tells them no divorce and remarrying or your in the sin of adutlery, and then they brought children to HIM that HE might touch them. And this is all too obvious, as they are the line outside Michael Jackson lil kiddy play ranch, just hoping they can get a kid fucked or touched, or even raped and murdered, so they can play their guilt game that only works on the ignorant, the dumb, or them alotted bashfuness, that is kids, and the women that are still maintaining birthing them, as all others must come to the truth of why THE LORD GOD calls out to Adam to be in front, "Adam where are you."

Thus then it is not to the wolf, to the lion, to the bear that the shepherd goes after if the sheep are eaten, even if he catches it with the sheep in its mouth. That would be slaying the wolf for being wolf. Sounds right, until you see all the heienas and mountain lions the wolves keep away. That is until you see all the other critters the bear keep away even from you. So the mix of these and your sheep is that of David if you be well to do, at all. That is you beat the animal over the head, and you take back your sheep. But if they turn on you, then you kill them. For the removal of the shepherd is the killing fucking raping and murder of all the sheep in your flock.

That is what you have today, same as you did back then. A bunch of bildads get together and decide to be lil girls before they bleed, hide in their idol cover up using legalities slanders and shit things to justify themselves in shitty opinions. If you or i get a kid, and that kid is touched, fucked, or harmed, whos fault is this if you are still an able bodied man? do tell? you already know. Then why would the whole of your city, your state, your nation be playing any other role? well are they with the women and the kids, then you know why them fuck boy coward god damned men are there, they are wolf in sheeps clothing looking to exclude others, or you, or any they can remove the shepherds, usually righteous poor, to play bashful offfended with, doing witchcrafts and spellcasts to ruin men, women, father and mother slayers, coenant breakers, so them they steal they raise up to kill the true word so they are always some one's slave to pay obey and be okay with their kids being taken away. To be taught to fear the game players boy screwing lies of a game, so when they see the law, or hear the courts they take it more to obey then even GOD and even when they INVOKE HIS HOLY NAME IN OATH and in VOWS. even to wife, the mother of their children that went to death.

And all these bashful games of lil girls before they bleed, for then they give more of life to the nation itself, then any man playing this coward liars game, to serve their idol pig leave fig leafs. This all is to build the justification and seed in the mind of others, mainly the youth, that you need idols. To bewitch you , enchant you, and this is usually the youth, they mix and mingle everything for. Using witchcrafts in small things to pervert every honest thing, they mix and mingle all things, dressing lil girls as hot sexy older women beauty queens, and older women into the lil girl clothes of most popular Disney characters, to mix and mingle it all huh daddy, oh daddy, owe daddy, come on daddy, you know what i mean, your only playing bashful like you dont know what i am saying cause you are one them in cahoots to betray the once equal shared rights of freedom of our country, and the spouses playing dumb in adultery divorce are doing to betray their own covenant with outsiders to kil their spouse in adutlerous grief, to curse their kids toads, all so our youth of our nation are hung on at tree in treason, that is tree a son by paper from trees, idolatry, courts decree, and that is of course, WITCHCRAFTS IN SMALL THINGS PERVERTS EVERY HONEST THING. but these witches and their coward men, are what build up the idol hell that pri sons away, thus prisons.

Now upon this i do rest my hope, that all men must needs be reborn. Thank GOD their is HOPE, and there is, for as the cross is that legal paper tree that they go hang even their children, spouse, and countrymen from, as they are most unrighteous, they will deny it all, The Nile, for they like to owe and not be free. and who likes to owe pharaoh fair owe the rich and not be GOD made AMERICAN FREE IN CHRIST by THE TRUTH. them that join with outsiders to play you, your spouse, your child, your country as a passing game of sodom and gamorah, the that gypt you from ole shadows of Egypt. Of which if they dont repent to THE TRUTH, then they will eat their chidlren for their greed in the flesh, and if you want to know when as what time do you have, it is this flesh, said THE LORD GOD LIVING FATHER WHO SENT me, yay, even just me.

The cross is that paper god king making of them that are no god kings let alone kings, for they are not true, and all kings are true, so says THE LORD GOD LIVING. the not being able to breath is the suffication of lies, betrayels, same as the cup pretty much, but the cup you drink on TO GOD for FAMILY COUNTRY and such. The water is the wisdom they go to contain, but it never will be contained, and the blood is the wine, that which is poured to GOD for the FAMILY and COUNTRY and the like. The cave is them going to bury you and the truth, and the troop are the same them that love evil to feed their passing lusts and wants. and the resurrection is they will never keep it down or hidden for truth alwasy ascends and GOD always gets last judgement. that is the devils, you, satans, get a time to learn of the original state of sin and Adam, then you get a time to live in it, fight it, for it, GOD moves both, then the last time you only get half, go reprobate and all you do is sin to build up a breaking or build up a damnation.

Then the sun rises the real son for THE FATHER as THE FATHER SENT ENFORCER, and not as an emissary but as THE TRUE WORD ITSELF, so all that is not in truth shall be burned down, and all them that built on lies will be accounted as they are fools, that wouldnt pass first grade level morality yet built a pretend tower on lies, idols, and service to these things, playing good or wise the whole of the time being a coward god damned lying gain sayer, about them the whole time, thus at this time also them that were true, will be revealed they loved the foolish, their wives, their children, more than the foolish ever did, thus will great whaling and gnashing of teeth. as all will brought to the light before this day, and during this day. for the truth is the only thing that ever truly was. choose it fill up and you will have raised yourself, and GOD will raise you, becuase GOD IS TRUE, and GOD never denies HIMSELF.

And thus do you have the truth you cant deny, your Holy Scriptures, Saints, Prophets, Apostles and parentage and ancestory which go right into your national founders covenant to THE FATHER LORD GOD, and all offices sworn an oath to HIM, and thus do you have your own spouse parent to your kids, your guide of your youth, and the GOD of your covenant. and if you have kids illegitimately, know one, we only get one father, and the one who first married that woman in vow to THE FATHER LORD GOD LIVING must bring that daughter blameless as all GODLY BRIDES are BLAMELESS before GOD THE FATHER AS ALL OF THEM ARE, and thus that would make the first husband the only true husband the father of the illigetimate children, for the mothers sake, his wife's sake, she must be blameless if he is to be the man to GOD. and the word is what makes children, which makes the kids, his, in the keeping of his word, vow to GOD. this is also why they steal your children and give them to strangers, and you know your the more righteous parent then all them if they cut you off, for the stone the builders refuse is the chief corner stone.

If you children are bastard fear not, your not if you are reborn bastard status goes out the window with THE ONE FATHER and two mothers, which is why THE FATHER DONE IT THIS WAY. see your mother dies for you, to come in, and every man in sin, and so THE FATHER takes their names down here, cuase so few will die to keep the mother's authority over her children she died for, that the father swore he would honor protect and keep her, but now that GOD THE FATHER gave her the child, and she died to bring them he does her dishonor to let others take them or worse take them using outsiders as well. thus are all men born into and thus must all men be reborn to not take partt anymore of. thus is the world always at end times and that too is true, for you. your worldly end does come, when you are reborn, or upon the hour of your death, where you will receive two deaths, most likely, most assuredly as i can not say your judgement yet individually unless THE FATHER TELL me to, for i did not come to judge, but when i do, it like my Christ, shall be a righteous and just judgement, with 100% no chance of failing or of error do i say this, for it will be THE FATHER's JUDGEMENT. i do pray you come for mercy, in need of mercy, for this is the true account, and you can only get to THE FATHER by the truth, and thus to not come poor, needing of mercy, HIS RICHES, if you do not come ignorant foolishly retarded as all hell, in need of HIS TRUE WISDOM, them you are not in true account of WHO THE FATHER IS, and truth is the only way to THE FATHER LORD GOD LIVING. I am afraid most will never see HIS thrown, but when concerning of THE FATHER LORD GOD CREATOR i am afraid every way starting out, for this is the beginning of HIS LOVE, then it is into the truth, then to HIS COMMANDS, then to the keeping, and repenting, and more of the truth, fill up and you will dehydrate this body in three days, and that of HOLY LIVING WATERS you filled up with, is what you will wear in heaven, and truth is so awesome if you turn to it, the lies become a working for the truth, so you dont really loose, you only gain, and thus does THE FATHER SAY be fruitful and multiply, and HE does the same in much greater ways.

What they dont really mention too often, is the shit your going to need in this world to be fruitful is often intoxicating to drive you mad. I mean what can take thirty to seventy years on average, of a shit load of paines and betrayels, and HOLY RIGHTEOUSNESS mixed in to make? i do know though. It is an eternal soul, for a Heavenly work, that shall never cease. in all the eternity that you get, you will only reach the son, and never even make it to the father and mother, the mother is kind to come to you, comfort you, but THE FATHER IS NEVER LEAVING HIS THRONE IT IS HIS GLORY THAT HE DOES NOT SO ALL CAN FIND HIM KNOW HIM THAT HE NEVER MOVE, is the MOTHER's GLORY to GIVE ALL GLORY TO THE FATHER, and THE SON, and it HER HONOR to meet you wherever you are child, so she may comfort you, teach you, and set you on right paths, and often by leading you in crooked ways to try your hearts and minds ,and when she has you setting straight bullzeye, hearts aimed true, do not go astray, that is dont give up and stop trying to aim true, or she will forsake you, and you will be eternally regretful. for it is the mother of all still in labor pains, think about that.

and when you do think about that, you can see why men are to die coverin theri wife, their bride, the mother of their kids, she faced death and pains to bring in for them. most go cold, but NOT THE HOLY MOTHER unless she forsake you. then its hell, all the way. But the pains and the labors, are why all women shall make heaven, and i mean pains as the period, the menstral cycle, the blood, that every egg is life, and counted as dying every woman that has ever bleeds. That is why Mary had Christ impregnated on her first cycle before she bleed, for she must be alive and untouched of the world. And who could know her first cycle but GOD ALONE WHO gave it to her.

and so you can see why you can blaspheme THE FATHER, even THE SON, but NEVER THE HOLY MOTHER, that is you know it is the time when men build up a country in covenant to GOD as a nation, that takes babies from the mothers, that is THE FIRST ACT IN THIS WORLD FOR EVERYONE, the ACT OF GOD HOLY WISE GIVING THE MOTHER HER BABY. and THEN SHE FACING DEATH LABOR PAINS TEN MONTHS TO BRING IN. and you do not work, you do not march, you do not arm yourself to protect this? THEN WHAT IN ALL THE FUX BOY SHIT ARE YOU DOING BUT GOD DAMNED EVIL FOR YOUR CORNERSTONE IS WHAT? i want to build up a country that doesnt honor the life blood offering of the mother, the only one that died for me, that suffered for me. and so is said of the wicked generations that kill their nation.

"there is a wicked generation that rises up upon a land, they do not bless their mothers, and they curse their fathers." that is you must always honor the mother, for she is the only one that dies and suffers in truth in the flesh for you, for most certian. and everyone else all them together are in nothing but pride of opinion with no flesh suffering, no blood, no mutilation to themselves, but puffed up arrogant cunt shit of idol worship and self inflated fux boy opinininos, like doctors, for the dragon, dr agon. dies like a beast, born like a beast, just like all, but since they made idols from first grade so seriously like in college you must obey, as a slave, cause, they are what bewitched so much so they think their god damned obedience and slavery to men and men's made arts and crafts was virtueous, it was not. Alexander Hamilton says righteously right, "them that prefer disgrace to fear, are prepared for a master, and they shall have one."

so to is the present condition of our nation, and their making mothers childless, and the child motherless, and thus is was king agon, when Samuel that is if you dont comprehend THE LORD GOD LIVING telling you, SAMUEL, THE LORD GOD SHALL JUDGE, says to king Agon, HE says to US ALL THE WORLD, "you king agon have made mothers childless on this earth, so too on this earth, your mother shall be childless." as Samuel said it then cut that king down into pieces in front of the king of israle Saul who did not obey Samuel THE SENT SERVANT of THE LORD GOD.

Now know most likely king agon's mom was already passed. so what is Samuel saying nonsense. NO, listen to what i said, ALL WOMEN GO HOME TO THE FATHER THAT gave you to care and cover for. but if you fail know Christ, "BEHOLD THE LAMB OF GOD THAT TAKES AWAY THE SINS OF THE WORLD" the world is the women, the women are the world, each one of them are worth more than the whole of the world in the balance, so you can see why Enoch and Muhammed tell you of all the virgins in Heaven, that you will receive, and note they do stay virgins, as you will be purified, to have passed into your joining that is with your bride, as Christ is to his, back as THE VOICE, the thing Adam fell from are you to be appointed back too.

Now once you understand how righteous your father in heaven is, then you will understand why Christ doesnt neeed speak on it, HE expects you to already know, to search out, to understand ONE FATHER as HE accounts you to have done work to find why HE SAYS, that is you believe HIM that HE IS THE MESSIAH thus THE CHRIST, THE MESSAGE ITSELF, that you searched out the matter of taking to wed the daughter of THE GREAT LORD GOD FATHER, in HIS HOLY NAME, that if your wife incase you misunderstood men.

That which is not hedged about in becomes spoiled. Men, I had taken into considerations the wise fathers' words they received from our ONE FATHER LORD GOD LIVING i would have saved much labor pains in my birthing process, seeing clearly now from such pains, how can i not be humbled in the great things THE LORD GOD our FATHER WHO IS IN HEAVEN above seeing and knowing all, in all things, every wise.

In the coming to the light we say that all things are done by GOD's WILL ALONE giving nothing to the Devil or his devils. We attest that GOD IS ONE and HE IS THE ONLY GOOD. The same way that we come to the light freeing us from all the whiles of the devil, is the same way in which we are accounted fools, and how they use their works wrought in them to judge one and excuse another; this whole like manner is used to exclude and include as they see fitting to their own benefits.

The same way in which Caine boasts over Able and thinks he has more a deserving right to Able's wife is the perversion of Able's heart in which THE LORD did gave respect to Able's offering by looking at it. Then Caine's was not looked upon because it is sin, not coming in the truth of the whole of the matter.

Caine did perceive, not aright, that a just GOD must have respect for Caine's work and efforts. That Caine did toil night and day, laboring much, and the fact that Caine would portion THE LORD a percentage must please THE LORD, and a just GOD could not disagree with Caine, for Caine made himself just by his own justice. Caine determined the curse of Adam was to be respected, being gotten by the sweat of his own brow.

Able came with his whole heart, not expecting GOD should have respect for Able, for Able was only that which GOD made. And so you can see the respect that Able gave unto GOD, that is a true report, why should a maker have respect for that which the maker made? He should not, save for the fact that he made it you see. No man wonders over that whcih he has crafted, for it only that which he crafted it for, and if it does anything else, it will be error, failure, sin, death, yay it would even be dead by the time it would to do that which it was not made to do, for it would be dead the moment it ate this thought, this once passing opinion, it swallows, digests, and doesn't give it any checks of balance. There is no ridicule applied to the thought, thus there is no reason.

My people die for lack of knowledge all the day, says our LORD. Thus then it is the lovers of self-opinion that die from the lack of truth, that is knowing the ledge, or as we know it, knowledge. When Christ says, "there was a man that thought i shall buy land, build granaries, and i shall have need of nothing more as long as i live, then he went and did as he thought, and in that night he did die." it is in the night that he thought that he would do and he would provide for himself his very own and not needing.

These are them that boast in their works, dilluting the truth until it is entirely corrupted with their own opinions, and to reinforce their opinions they pick up familiar spirits, them that are suited at the time, and dropping them that are not. As is also written, "they are affectionate to you, only that you are in affections to them, but not in a good way, for they are affectionate for their cause, and they would even exclude you."

These are them that don't truly believe, not in GOD, not in GOD's WORD, nor in the virtues established in truth itself that THE LORD GOD LIVING POURS OUT FOR ALL CREATION. They refuse this from birth, and as they age, they make themselves allies with it, that is a covenant with death, because as Solomon says, "they are worthy of it." And this be the peril of our world, broken off, dying, perishing, weak and feeble, as all of us are, as we are all born, and as THE LORD GOD LIVING is no liar, we shall die the death, being born under them that went into rebellion willingly, that is Adam, our first father that perishes, and all the sweat of his brow, and all the dust he obeys in the like manner, choosing and excluding as he himself see fits to be his own god that he made.

When it is said of Christ in the temptation that the Satan says bow down and worship me, and i will give you all this, i hope you know that you are born in this subjection, bowing down to worship Satan, for you are Satan, you are each and all born and all do grow their in. when you curse Satan you curse yourselves. In most days, the woman is likened to Satan, that is of the world, and she is the cause of many problems among not just brothers, but of nations also. We have found somewhat of a link between truth and this statement in the fact of Guinevere of King Arthur's Court, and of Helan of Troy, and the list can go on and on.

It is not that she is Satan, other than the facts that you are also, and you are one, and not two twain but one, for THE FATHER CREATOR LORD GOD does not upbraid, HE SAYS IT and it is so. That is then when you encounter the adutlerous spouse, that is yourself, prepare for you shall encounter this, or you shall be found lying about it, for this is the eternal covenant, and you dont make heaven as an adult without understanding this eternal covenant.

How important is this eternal covenant? it is so important that even of them that don't take a bride, answer to it, even 14 year old girls, unto death to they even answer to it. It is clear to see that when they do understand these things in youth, they are usually taken home in youth the same, for THE FATHER WOULD not permit the world to darken such bright hearts of youthful ancient wisdom.

That is then them with age learn it in a more tried manner to GOD's suiting of HIS WILL ALONE. Take The Father of our Faith Abraham, he being of age did suffer many emberacing trials and tribulations, that one would have to chuckle in disgust even that we call Abraham father of our faith. What i say is connected to the truth, but it lacks the truth of GOD, so i speak as men would, let me show you.

I say to men or women, this is The Father of our Faith Abraham. They laugh out loud with disgust, saying things such as; "he that offered his son to be sacrificed, so your GOD and the father of your faith are into child sacrifice." or they say things such as, "Abraham that gave his wife away twice, marrying pharaoh that he had her, and another to a king that GOD prevented him not having her, what would be the difference, she was had, and that is Abraham's wife he gave to be done in this manner, so he pimped her out, not trusting in GOD, that is the father of your faith." or such things as, "Abraham who didn't believe GOD but gave into his wife's words, just like Adam did Eve, so then the father of your faith to GOD is like the first man that caused the fall of man, adhering to his wife and not his GOD's words."

Now with all these having a connection to the truth, are not true in themselves, thus not of truth. A half witted truth is an ignorant truth, that is it cannot be truth, but is a disguise of truth, a passing cloud of no rain, and no latter rain. This is the building up of one's opinions, where they are taught much and so think themselves wise, but being fools all the while. The main cause of this is they put nothing to heart, or is also said, becuase they have no blood root words of their fathers, to find THE GOD of their fathers who were so rooted they blossomed you free with all you got, by of course their faithful heartfelt truth seeking to THE ONE LORD GOD FATHER, THE FATHER OF ALL NATIONS AND OATHS AND VOWS. as it is written all nations are born of GOD, and HE made not one nation for death, and again is said, if any man should swear on the whole of the earth it shall be to THE LORD GOD AMMON, that is to THE LORD GOD OF TRUTH, and then we say, AMEN, which means if we believe this then we should keep it to teach it to our sons, and if we do it not, not believing, then we should be accursed from the earth.

That is the meaning of the word AMEN; To be blessed for believing and keeeping and teaching, and or to be accursed from all life shaken off the earth for not believing, for not keeping, and not teaching to the next generations. As the Psalm 78 touches upon, "we shall get the children their covenant." one must give pause to the fact they call it not theirs, but to the children their covenant, it is as Moses accounted himself, dead to the world, and that his duty as a father was not to wallow in the benefits of covenant, like a mother in birth with family around, or an old lady in bed sickly dying in her age, with her family surrounding her, quietly into that dark night, but his was to be a father, a husband, and a country man in covenant to HIS FATHER LORD GOD LIVING he (Moses / YOU) could see that he was the expendable one, the head of, the hands of, the feet of, the body, the women and the children, and that he was to die for that which he (Moses) accounted of more value.

Like most precious things, they are softer, and they are weaker, and they are a treasure bestowed on one as a gift from THE ONE FATHER LORD GOD LIVING. Now Moses being one reared up from childhood to see men feign play Adam's sin all the GOD DAMNED day long, invoking HIS HOLY NAME, that is AMMON RAH, but RAH would be dropped and accounted perverted, like Baal and Ishtar, like Osiris and Isis would be done the like, THE LORD GOD LIVING has chosen to keep THE NAME AMMON to make the link that HE IS THE ONE LORD GOD LIVING OVER ALL and that no nation was ever made without HIM, for HE IS THE GOD OF ALL NATIONS, and HE made not any nation for death. We can see this stretching through time that every nation born out of crying out to HIM, then shown mercy by covenantal agreement to THE NATIONAL FATHERS, in Israel's case, Moses, in ours we had alot more men to answer than Moses did, for they had Moses' Testimony to stand upon, withe more understanding to answer the world with.

So then we men, we brothers, we sons, we husbands, we fathers, we band of brothers bound by national covenant to THE NATIONAL GOD of GODS of Gods, of gods do owe to our children the same, as Psalmist clearly seen in Psalm 78, for the Psalmist doesn't say, "we will get our covenant to the children," no, no, it says, "we shall get the children their covenant." Seeing clearly the modern day, children are actually taken from mtohers, the mother whom GOD gave the child to, and for whom she does labor, and face a very real possibility of death, shedding blood and ripping flesh, so then does GOD confirm right there GOD's DECISION in giving the mother her authority over the sons.

If you have not this in defense, what in all the worlds, in all their possiblities is it that you as men are defending then? what are your labors if not to the mother's labors and paines. Where are you? are you not drunk off the wines of your own fruits ruling as your own gods, by your own godlike decrees? Are you not bowed down kneeling before Satan, before the idols of men's creation, and not the blood life testimony of THE ONE HOLY FATHER LORD GOD LIVING? yes you are before idols of men, the works of Satanas the opposer, the father of accusations, thefts, murders, and lies. You are without doubt without righteousness. You can not be right, you must be wrong, and in truth, in life truly, to not be right, to be in error, at fault, is sin, and sin is death.

Is it that men must do? Then what is it that men must do evil, nay, more evil? For we are conceived in the iniquity of our father's lusts, and we are birthed into sins, of waste, of blood, of sinful men all around with idols abundent to cover up all the truth of it all; that you are born in this body to shed it, of how you shall be magot food, and nothing more shall you be in this body, in this mass of sin, in this exalted dirt, in this passing clay molded to host so much more. Covered up from you, by THE LORD GOD LIVING for the sin that is within and without you, not as to your fault yet, but that of your original father that was cut from the fold, parted with much wisdom was he, for THE FATHER LORD GOD LIVING that cut him away, IS THE ONLY WISDOM IN ALL CREATION, and IS THE ONLY SALVATION, knowing what is life and what is death for HE IS THE MAKER OF ALL LIFE, and THE MAKER of the one who wields death, at HIS WILL ALONE ARE ALL THESE, and our first father hating life itself, hated you, me, his wife, his children to be, and now that we are born in this in manner since the parting from the garden, so we add hating all them that come before us, our own ancestory, that which leads back to THE ONE TRUE FATHER OF ALL CREATION.

This is a perilous state of natural truth that man is born into. And most men i am afraid for them, not of them, but afraid for them, that most men shall feign and play the man, never being the man, but playing as though playing is a reward for his slave labor to the sinful inventions of idolatrous men just like themselves. Making together in schemse bewitching enchantments that can only be described as a pyramid scheme to make giants among men by their idolatrous idol ladder climbing. What i simply call ass kissing with service in monetary reward.

Please understand what i am saying is the wizard of oz, and men serve it's like, saying this man can kill you cause we gave him the idol, or this man can touch, taste, or do, because we gave him the idol. It is with most certainty that which inflated the Nazi empire to do all of it's evil. One only need look to see the American response of the American worker, and see them say as they leave off humanity, compassion, reasoning, justice, mercy, forgiveness, wisdom which is chiefly most important but to get to HER one must needs be at liberty to ascertain, and to ascertain Liberty you must needs be true, for it sets you free, and if you are not free to learn wisdom you are in salvery to something. And not just anything are you in slavery too, but you are in slavery ot that which has beset itself agaisnt WISDOM, THE CHIEF OF ALL CREATION, that which TRUTH EVEN ORIGINATES FROM. but WISDOM IS JUSTIFIED OF HER CHILDREN says our LORD CHRIST and HE is not ever wrong, BEING TRUTH ITSELF.

When anything besets agianst your freedom, they have beset agaisnt you being wise, and any that beset agaisnt you gettting to your true mother, is the same as will drag you too hell just for the company in their misery, not knowing that only misery loves the company of misery, and that you get no company in hell but that of your own works of iniquity, and not them you helped to keep in their own works of iniquity, for they like you shall be re-rewarded for their iniquity with only their iniquities. and to the whole of hell shall go the hellish work of their own works. Hell is enlarged by everyone them that work the works their of, unto themselves is it enlarged.

The problem with casting off WISDOM is she can't ever truly be cast off, without total and utter destruciton of the one casting HER OFF. By wisdom are all things held together, tha tis all things. You love science so much, as do all them that claim to be wise with no roots, that is not the words of the faithful that got them everything they have today, the nation under their feet, and the covenant bread from heaven in their lazy hands, they refuse to eat, they refuse to put to heart chewing the cudd, but rather they do eat the words of so called wise men they call scientists, and doctors, these their healers, who craft them macroni doodle arts to curse themselves cut in half, forcing to die their own spouses and cursing their kids toads.

These so called scientist, must concede to many truths they can not get away from, such as all things are held together in perfect weights and balance that if it was moved by just a few, or even one degree it would all come down. The whole of the creation. the solar system, the galaxy, the star, the planet, and the planets seasons, and migrations, and the fish, and the birds, and the beasts, and the insects, and all these are in perfect balance, ever so specificly that if the weight and or balance was to shit a few a degrees all is lost.

That is as they say, "THE GOLDY LOCKS RATIO" that we are in a perfect balance, that you move earth forward twards the sun we die, you move it back we die, you move the axis twist just a few degrees, and the whole of life cycles cease from being and all dies. This is all but THE CHIEF OF LIFE WISDOM HERSELF, that which was first brought forth, and she rejoiced and danced before THE LORD giving HIM PRAISE, then HE TOOK HER TO BE HIS WIFE, for with WISDOM DID THE FATHER LORD GOD CREATOR DECIDE THAT NO OTHER WAS WORTHY TO BE LIKENED TO HIM. That nothing wise, that nothing but wisdom itself, should be likened to HIS INVISIBLE NATURE, and so THE FATHER took HER AS HIS WIFE, to tell the created, creation itself of himself HE CHOSE HER WISDOM.

And she is a disciplined spirit, one of understanding, all wise, and when HE took HER as HIS BRIDE AS HIS WIFE, aka THE LORD, aka ADONAI, aka, THE ADMINISTRATOR, aka THE QUEEN OF QUEENS OF Queens of queens, of all princesses, of all daughters, wives, mothers, and sisters, THE MOTHER OF ALL CREATION, that is still giving birth to all creation as we speak and breathe right now, and has been doing so from the very moment that GOD moved upon HER, and HER Water began to break forth bringing light from the dark surface veil in which we the created do still seak to peak through, only upon our death, and do we still eagerly go to peak through, rather so do the brave, them that trust in THE LORD GOD LIVING, them that account THE FATHER not as malicious, nor as petty, nor as cruel, to them that do not try HIS REIGNS but believe in HIS WORD. To them that go HIS way, and or to the them that will repent to HIS WAY, what we know in this country as THE FREE and THE BRAVE aka THE SONS OF LIBERTY.

She then being that which all things are made, held together, and kept together, that which all things are ruled, governed, and administrated via HER balance, then a man should seek to know HER more than any other knows, or any other that is. For THE FATHER HAS HONESTLY PUT HIMSELF OUT OF OUR REACH. None can fathom me, none can reach my depths, my lengths, none can search me out if i were to give you eternity, you would spend it all of it only searching out THE SON, the truth itself, and you would never in all eternity come to ME SAYS THE FATHER CREATOR.

And HE is right, being before all ever was, and everything only doing HIS WILL, leaves us with a void, for nothing in creation can fathom this, you just cant. when you think of nothingness, it is somehting by the thought of assigning it you made it something, true dark, and seems void, but it is in a space, a place, a thing assigned a name, our FATHER LORD GOD CREATOR, was before names, before the thoughts, before the word,, and thus nothing get there, for it can not. So in order to bridge the gap between HIS created creation, and HIM UNFATHOMALBE HE has chosen to give us certain things as mile markers, as road signs to let us know we are with THE INVISIBLE CREATOR. What we call, via, what our prophets, faithful fathers call ANCIENT LANDMARKS.

These are more famously known as the words of your ancestors, your faithful fathers, your covenants, your blood, your vows, your oaths, your parents, your spouse, your children, your constitution, your ten commands, your truth in conscience, your HOLY SCRIPTURES, Natural Laws, all designed and appointed by THE GOD OF ALL NATURE and HER LAWS. These all are ancient landmarks that none can ever get rid of, and it has not been without much labors, much efforts every way of men's invention to udno with these things, for if men could they would, and they have dug to the depths of hell to get rid of them, and they have ascended to towers touching heaven to get rid of them, and they have laid in stones these ancietn landmarks and they have removed these stones the same to get rid of them. But nothing prevents them. The removal of them is but the removal self, for a cheap price no doubt, when ever weighted in the balance of any wisdom, which is why again, SHE IS THE CHIEF choice all man should seek to obtain.

If man seeks only to obtain, then by cunning wisdom should he gain, and by cunning with wisdom whould he not also find her, herself, and if not, would it not be by the lack of his respect for wisdom which got him all that he wanted and thus cunningly with wisdom crafted for himself to leave her off. See then the fool, that says i know, but then leaves of the means by which he even knows what he knows, that is then wisdom. Then why would he boast in knowing, but not knowing wisdom. By what other means does he know, if not by the steps guided in wisdom, and how is it he goes to build an invisible standing house of wisdom and virtues but then leave off the virtues of wisdom, but he can not.

Is GOD undone by your feeble un-belief, shall wisdom cease for your lack of wanting her, will she not still be exalted that ever you were or ever you left her off. Does the world's gravity cease to work cause you made a rocket to leave earth, but no it doesnt. And the truth of the matter is no matter where you go, if not far enough to be taken another object's gravity, then you will be pulled back down to earth's gravity. If you are wondering why i use gravity i shall tell you why. She is big momma as they say. She is the invisible tangable thing revealed to man to understand how she will be exalted in the midst of the congregation. Not any man or created being can fathom her, they still can not pin point gravity, they can not assign it a true number for it has only one, that is one, with THE FATHER LORD GOD CREATOR, and if you account WISDOM not to GOD FATHER AS ONE you will be insulting GOD and or WISDOM and thus you are dead in your sins.

Gravity none can still truly explain, and none truly know what it really it, they can only tell you the physical effects of what they think they see, but they know nothing as they ought, so i shall tell you more of wisdom, as Solomon and Ben SIra and others before me told you, i shall tell you of Wisdom and WHO SHE IS, and i tell you, i shall tell you MORE OF WISDOM and WHO SHE IS, as i am one that has two thousands of Apostles and Saints and their two thousand years of words in blood sealed, by HER GREAT NAME in THE FATHER's DIRECT WILL THROUGH HIS HAND & FINGERS.

She is the distance between all things, that is what we know as spooky distance, so named cause it freaked Einstein out when he seen it. That is nothing is ever distanced, not a billiion zilliion light years away, not a few miles, nor a few inches, that one electron effects the whole of another thus said so far away instantly. That is scary stuff, that implies that all is ONE, and there is NOT antother. That is absolutely correct. I know that you have these myths of alternate universes, and that sounds all good but it is not good, infact it implies that THE LORD GOD FATHER CREATOR is rolling a probability dice, and HE THE FATHER does not leave things to chance being all wise, only wise.

HE does not speak and leave it to probability or chance. As long as the fallen demons, or the upper wizard of Oz aristocracy demi gogs for the demi gods, can get you to think that THE FATHER CREATOR LORD GOD LIVING ALONE is not most perfect in speech and meaning, then they can get you to disagree with THE FATHER, that is THE FATHER that establishes your house brothers, your house sons, your house FATHERS. that is THE FATHER that established, establishes, and shall establish your liberties, your freedoms, your wife, your kids, your future prosperity, and to make it seem as though HE IS NOT MOST WISE ONLY TRUE WISDOM is all that any wanting to cut you off or out the land must needs to do is get you to doubt HIM THE LORD GOD FATHER OVER ALL.

This is what the serpent does in garden with Eve, "GOD knows that in the day you eat, you shall not surely die, but shall be like GOD, knowing good and evil." See all that old devil had to do to cut them out of all their liberty, their security, their love, their life, their majestic royal blessed priestly state was to get get them to doubt THE ONE LORD GOD LIVING FATHER that calls them to it. So to is it today, nothing has changed, HE IS THE SAME, the only thing is do you believe THE ALL WISE ONLY WISE FATHER LORD GOD LIVING CREATOR SALVATION ALONE or do you believe them that turn one into three, like three one, or Genesis 3:1 and i quote, "the serpent was more cunning/subtle/sophisticated than any other creature of the field." do you believe HIM that calls you a king, or do you believe them that calls you a slave to the idols made and you pay to, but you can be a king to them that dont do the slavery you will do?

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