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this is response to a QUORA;

How can what Jesus said in John 17:21-23 help those who for a long time thought Jesus is God because of what he said in the book of John 10:30?

How can what Jesus said in John 17:21-23 help those who for a long time thought Jesus is God because of what he said in the book of John 10:30? - Practical Faith - Quora

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I will do you one better 

John 14:28 Ye have heard how I said unto you, I go away, and come again unto you. If ye loved me, ye would rejoice, because I said, I go unto the Father: for my Father is greater than I.

          Now do not get confused, but nothing will change as for them that thought it for a long time, most likely, but i will leave it to you, like Muhammed and other prophets have, "is it you think that you can get the to repent.”


        They have received the command of GOD, and everyone knows that you are not to add to the command of GOD, and never has a sent servant of THE LORD GOD ever added or taken from his word, even more so THE BIG TEN. 

         They are root cutting game playing most likely. The most centered treatise writer is St. Augustine, i think it’s something like 10 volumes on the trinity, but i have read much of it, and i find it not really to be like St. Augustine, where he has gaps of logos, that is logic, and says, things like, if they can not perceive, if they can’t understand it, but it is all without understanding. It is so much so I was most grounded to the fact, that St. Augustine did not write it, however upon further investigation, i did find a hint of the St. Augustine i know. St. Augustine writes, "this is what i learned, how i was taught it by my church fathers and mentors, but if you know better than me, then teach you me, and teach you others as well.” 


         That is the Saint that i know, true, and not going to add to things. Now if you read St. Augustines Treatise on THE HOLY TRINITY, it will definitely tie the THE FATHER CREATOR THE LORD GOD, and HIS HOLY SPIRIT, and THE LORD THE WORD, together. this being said let me make it clear. 

         THE TRINITY is only real as far as man can see, that is to the clouds. Past this man is not privy to speak on the matter, aka man can not speak on Heaven, Heaven speaks on Heaven, and GOD speaks for GOD, and thus, THE FATHER, HOLY SPIRIT, and THE WORD are all invisible beings that none of us can call forth at our leisure, our command, our will. Thus then THE LORD GOD has issued command to call us forth, and these command are so vital, that they have never changed ever, and were appointed before the forming of the worlds.

          Now let me teach you and St. Augustine better, for a well of life spring. 1- THE LORD GOD is LIVING, always living, so if he need make alterations on his command, i am sure that he would do so. 2-THE LORD GOD LIVING is THE ONLY WISE GOD, that is too not choose his way, his words, his description is foolishness to the point of ignorance, deficit. 3- THE FATHER & THE HOLY SPIRIT are always ONE never to be counted as two, she is the first feminine, the mother to all creation, she is WISDOM herself. THE first begotten of begotten, before the word, and the light, she is the waters, of waters, of waters, the depths are beyond even the LIGHT, that is right, when compared to the light she is found superior, so says Solomon, and he would know. I am most right when i say, she is found superior if they are compared, because of her father, THE LORD GDO HIMSELF, and he is also her husband, and there is only one being that is to be associated with marrying THE FATHER, and that is WISDOM HOLY SPIRIT HERSELF. there is no other worthy. for where ever you are, what ever state you are in, Jesus or Satan, prisons or penthouse, blessed or cursed, dark or light, no matter where what state, in his wrath or his mercy, he is still SPIRIT, and he is still ONLY WISE. So to not adhere to not keep, to not hold, yay, to behold is to be ignorant. 


Note well how the Apostle hits over then back then over, that is with GOD it is twice and it is settled and established as Joseph said to Pharaoh, so the fact that the Apostle does it thrice, is pretty clear. 

EVERY LIVING THING HAS A COVERING, as it reads. The man is to cover the bride, the same that Christ covers us as the man / husbandman. He goes before and brings us blameless, for every GODLY BRIDE IS BLAMELESS BEFORE GOD, as it reads. And since there is ONE FATHER LORD GOD, then every daughter is given by THE ONE FATHER, thus they must all be brought blameless before GOD. This is also known as BONE OF MY BONE, aka Mark it in stone for ever to come this one is mine for eternity. from Adam to Laban and Jacob, the pillar they erect to eat bread on, that is the covenant to cover the daughters, Laban is in the stead of THE ONE FATHER LORD GOD, and thus does much righteousness to Jacob the whole time. (i know what you learned, but it was a lie, and wrong, go read it again, see Jacob is trying to swindle the whole time and Laban is increasing him, and covers him from death, but does have an agenda, THE WEIGHTY MATTER OF SEEING HIS DAUGHTERS MARRIED TO A MAN OF UNDERSTANDING, as it reads).

         Laban saying, "WHAT CAN I DO NOW JACOB FOR THESE MY DAUGHTERS, AND THE CHILDREN THEY BORE. COME LET US MAKE A COVENANT, between you and me…." This is BONE OF MY BONE, in action, what takes place at THE LORD GOD bringing Adam his wife. Now mind you i have said all this for a reason, for if it is that THE LORD GOD THE ONE FATHER goes through such things to teach man the covenant of the daughters, how do you think he is going to do with the daughter, the first begotten of begotten, HOLY SPIRIT WISDOM of which even THE WORD would be born out of. As it reads, "THE LORD SEEN HER, AND DEEMED HER WORTHY, AND TOOK HER FOR HIS WIFE….. and she is an associate of all his works." Note well she is not called queen, for that would imply side by side with THE FATHER LORD GOD WHO IS ONE and there is not another. HE IS RULING ON HIS THRONE and HE SAYS AND IT IS SO, I mean my GOD, he has one foot, and two right hands, and this is why. 

             This is why Jesus speaks of him and the father as equality, until he speaks of GOING to HEAVEN, that is going to the father. There is not a question who is ruling heaven, The THRONE that Christ sits on is the one over earth, then you get to heaven, and it is the father. Aka Christ kingdom is of the sky, aka they farthest your eyes in flesh will see. And past that is the father. Thus as he is talking about going to the father, the father is greater. Now if you are looking for another verse just go to revelation. 

              And in Revelation you will see that John goes to worship, the angel, that says don't do this, we are equal here, and mentions the testimony of Jesus. Then there is the time John goes to worship Jesus, himself, (some will try and cover this up and not make the angels/ JESUS word in red, but make them black, but it is THE JESUS CHRIST, whether they attribute or not, for this time there is not a mention of the testimony of Jesus, yet they are all equals there, and the reason is because the father does not have a contender, never has never will, and Jesus is the word, manifested to become the man that we know as Jesus. What i mean is the word can not sin, THE WORD OF GOD does not even have the option of sin, and is the only thing in all the world save THE LORD GOD and HIS HOLY SPIRIT, and then there is THE WORD, and as manifested to become Jesus, he still can not sin. Read Isaiah 55, and you will see what i mean. "my word will perform all that i send it forth to do…. My ways are not yours….”

            Now let us get to this matter of GOD. First off, i just gave you much wisdom of GOD, by his word, does that make me GOD to you? it did for Moses to all the world, and still does, to all the world, as THE LORD says to Moses, "YOU MOSES SHALL BE GOD, IN MY STEAD, AND AARON SHALL BE YOUR PROPHET…. For I THE LORD shall teach you the words….”

          Thus then it is that THE LORD said HE sends Moses. Now Moses argued so much so that it should be another, cause Moses doesn’t speak eloquent, that is kiss ass, suck up, manners, and such. Moses spoke as though his salt he was raised up with from GOD, through his mons, culture friends, is perfect enough, aka FREE SPEECH. Moses did argue so much that "THE WRATH OF THE LORD WAS KINDLED AT MOSES, and THE LORD SAID, "thy brother Aaron, i know that he speaks well…" and so THE LORD had Aaron speak for Moses. Right? NOT REALLY. FOR EVEN when hear Aaron today, we are hearing Moses tell us what Aaron said, it is Moses who wrote THE PENTATEUCH, (first five books) Then it is as THE LORD said to Moses. 

         Then you see it is that Moses is GOD to you, and to me, and to every reader of the ten commands and the Tenakh (Old Testament) and the New Testament, and The Quran, for all these are based on those five books by Moses. There is not a faith without them, there is not Christian nor is there Muslim nor is there Jew without Moses. There would still be Israel, but not the Jewish faith of the Mosaic law and order (for us today, that is Declaration of Independence and Constitutional Bill of Rights, this is our FATHERS NATIONAL aka MOSES, covenant passed down by THE LORD GOD ONE FATHER, as told to Moses, "I AM THE LORD GOD. I AM THE GOD OF YOUR FATHERS…”

             Now again, this is not for not, but to prove the point that we are only speaking on the edge of these things, that which THE LORD has said, so how much more THE LORD GOD ONE FATHER’S COMMAND, that is the big ten. and how much more then the first. Is it that men think GOD to hit so accurate in speech, in his word, with such understanding, traversing for thousands of years, 5,000 and 6,000 years, and HIS FIRST COMMAND, THE LORD YOUR GOD IS ONE, and it need the tweaking of men, and counsels. NO IT IS NOT SO. 

              Now my last point and this is the killer to them all. I give you Samuel, who rebukes THE KING OF ISRAEL, for just offering an animal, (does GOD care for cattle). Samuel is running late to meet Saul, so Saul meaning people’s choice, gets antsy because the people, so Saul offers the sacrifice that Samuel the Prophet is to do. And you know GOD’s timing, right when they break the command, there is the one they thought delayed, just like Moses at the mount. this is 2x with Saul, i shall summarize. 


                  To obey his command is to be after his heart, for the command are to the man only, that is the sentry position of husbandry, never in all the scriptures or in any national covenant will you find the equality spreading to the woman. For it is not equal, she is of more value, already shedding blood and being chastised living out her judgement in BLOOD/CHILD BIRTHING PAINS, (Child birthing pains is the blood, but of course this is so, how else can she that bears not bear more than her that doesn’t bear), and TO HER HUSBAND & HE SHALL HAVE RULE OVER HER. This is every day of the woman’s life, unless you can find a spot not as a nation. For all nations are in the covenant to THE FATHER as sons to the father, as fathers, to their sons, and their sons after them, to guard the daughters and the children they bore. 

               She is at Liberty always, to touch, taste, do, so as to care for her kids, what ever medicines she wishes and as to teach them, in however she deems, for THE LORD has set the father in honor over the children and has CONFIRMED THE AUTHORITY OF THE MOTHERS OVER THE SONS. that is in life blood offerings. So then men can be conscripted, that is drafted to fight wars, but she can not be, for she is already sprinkling the congregation of the nation in blood, (just like the temple did) and he has not done anything but take oaths, lies, go to work and pay men to feel her up, and rob her of her children. Thus all men must repent, for THE HEART OF THE FATHER IS WITH THE DAUGHTERS. 

Now you see, also that Jesus defeats the satan in the temptation. 

             Well how is it that Jesus does that? that is makes him flee? Satan says bow down and serve me…" Jesus replies, "you to shall serve THE LORD GOD ALONE." and Satan flees. That is Jesus’ final blow making him flee, is done by KEEPING ONE GOD. That is the first command. Thus then it is in the command. GOD’s COMMAND is HIS WILL, and HIS WILL is HIS COMMAND. That is why only the male is only directly commanded. Because the daughter is life, she is the kingdom, man is the dust covering the living. ALL LIVING THINGS HAVE A COVERING. 


Adam falls = "Because you adhered to your wife, and did not OBEY MY COMMAND, which I COMMANDED you…." Now is it that GOD has commanded you? YES! MOSES IS GOD. Anyone that brings you the COMMAND, and the teachings to it, is GOD to you. until you are there equal, that is know the command, and the teachings there too. This is a humility test of THE WORD, to see if man is looking for wisdom, the word, loves the word in wisdom, or is just playing idol cover up. It is by THE WORD we know GOD, i know of no other way, neither did Moses or the congregation of Israel who witnessed the same to Moses, "THERE WAS ONLY THE VOICE AND NO IMAGE…”

             Adam falls not obeying command. ALL THE PROPHETS SAYS KEEP THE COMMAND REPENT TOO. all the apostles say KEEP THE COMMAND. AND MUHAMMED THE SAME. and in Revelation written in heaven, "BLESSED ARE THE THAT KEEP THE COMMAND…." and the Dragon wages war on the women and their children, but when she cant be attacked, who does he war with, THEM THAT KEEP THE COMMAND, because they are covering her, keeping the covenant of the nation, the oath, the vow, THE COMMAND. 

            And what is it that Jesus says to do to make it to heaven? KEEP THE COMMAND. want to be perfect, (have crowns and such) then sale all you have and give to poor and follow Jesus. (Jesus is not here in flesh, so i don’t know how you would do that, but by the truth. It was different for that specific guy, for me, anyways, at present. Side note, that guy that went away, was Mark, that is why Jesus loved him. He later wrote Mark. 

               Now for a final note. The Trinity is okay for the children, under your mother, but as a man, NO ABSOLUTELY NOT. you can not. THE LORD GOD COMMANDS, for any to alter it is to be opposed to THE LORD GOD LIVING IN TRUTH IN WORD. THE COMMAND IS CLEAR. This is not a debate, no not at all. but if they are going to change your words coming in the door, taking your salt, saying you can’t say that in here, not those words, whatever they be, no matter what, if they are yours, that GOD salted you with, then you are too keep always, for if you give them up you are not worthy to be saved, but to be trampled under foot of men, and see they trample you coming in the door. They speak eloquent before THE LORD making a show, to bit your mouth, which Moses knew, saying, "send another LORD please i do not speak ELOQUENT." Don’t be surprised they taking this to make you not worthy to even be saved, that they do the same at the first command. 


    The first command is turned into 3 in 1, instead of 1. That is 3 in 1 that is 3:1. … Where have i seen this before? oh yah, Gen 3:1

Genesis 3:1 1 Now the serpent was more subtle than any beast of the field which the LORD God had made. And he said unto the woman, Yea, hath God said, Ye shall not eat of every tree of the garden?

NOTE: the answer is yes serpent THE LORD GOD did say… See the serpent even says that he said, Yea, hath God said, Ye shall not eat of every tree of the garden? Just like they do with the command, that THE LORD GOD IS ONE, but there is this other thing. NO. to make the Holy Spirit a two in the one, is rude, and not so. THE FATHER covers more greater than even CHRIST the word of GOD and that is flawless holy perfect without fault at all. Thus then you see if a husband and wife are one, not two but one, then they are also insulting, but GOD is not mocked. 

There is also the triangle of three 60 degrees equalling a total of 180 degrees. That is an about face, to turn a bitch, so it may be with many trinitarians, that they are literally turning you from THE ONE LORD GOD FATHER and HIS COMMAND from the beginning. THE LAW OF THE LORD IS TRUTH, ... and THE COMMANDS ARE TRUE.. Psalm 119

They are them that are spoken of through out the scriptures, one most used, "them that krept in unaware, so as to spy out our Liberties that we have in Christ Jesus, and to bring us into bondag again." They are actually idolaters, forcing the submission and obedience to the idols made with men's hands. Even over the oath, to do DIE-FORCE DIVORCE, & CURSE TOADS of kids in CUSTODY, even making them less than 20$ value, according to the Seventh Amendment, if there was no Jury of twelve. And making idol human sacrifice of our brothers and fathers, and sons, if no victim flesh and blood accuser, not the servant cops you pay, that would be stupidly foolish, to be paying your servants to accuse and rule over you, there would be no end to their money making thefts. Mainly this is in the 4th, and The 5th, and 6th, and 7th, and 1st and 8,9,10. For is it not cruel and unusual to take kids from parents, to both the parent and the kids. Hence why there has to be a jury, but there is a lot of money to be made in custody battles and not near as much with a jury. For with a jury, you would get a fair impartial 50/50 every single time, and or the mother 100% at 100% of the time. For if they bring up the blood, and the bible, natural law, then it is to the mother always. GOD did give it to her, and she did pay blood, the man at best is breaking his oath to her, no blood life offfered but has the idols they love to sacriffice the kids too like the wizard of Oz, if you got the idol then you have the answer. That is just not so. Hence the ignorant answers increase, and so to the schooling degree trainging,. Dr-agon is the dragon.



I plowed, Apollos watered, but GOD GAVE THE INCREASE, and GOD IS ONE. Paul. 

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