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With GOD ALL things are POSSIBLE

Updated: Jul 30, 2022

She posted about the parable, the eye of a needle, and with GOD all things are possible.

So then the rich get there the same as the poor, and all alike, by GOD ALONE!

I love this one, all must come to poverty, they born empty no truth, liars denying, and thus never our selves, no matter how roughneck ghetto poor, if a liar still never u, and no matter how many men under u, or cars, or land, or whatever, spouse kids, military even, if u r still a liar ur not U. and this is what Christ means, take all u have weighting u down, dump it, for it loads u with too much, to the point of not being u, and then all that time, work, effort, money, degrees, what have u, with all it u still can't be that GOD made u to be truly. this is how all men come to poverty to make it through that eye of the needle to heaven. the path is narrow and few that will be that find it.

And it's sad it's the basic things, the truth, the milk 🍼🥛 most men won't do, the stone the builders refused.

To tell the truth and share and why don't men do this. THAT WICKED SPIRIT OF UNBELIEF !

you can see more of her amazing bible reads and posts at


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Preacher Blair
Preacher Blair
Jul 30, 2022

you can see more of the posting youtuber @

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