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in response to this,

Youth are leaving Christianity, is an oximoron,

he said, "you must be able to deal with the error."

here is the error,

1 you don't leave christianity, it is the only religion in the world that says, COME PICK UP YOUR CROSS AND FOLLOW ME."

2 you think that the youths should be crucified? never, did you not know that the lillies of the field are the chidlren, and they are arrayed than solomon in his glory? did you know that the reason for this is, because all the daughers have one father, thus she is being covered by THE FATHER'S GLORY ALWAYS, that is she goes home, that is the glory of the father, and thus the mother's covering the children, makes for even more glory,

Solomon is used in this parable, because Solomon is called a good stuart, Christ is called THE GOOD STUART, stuarts, are them that cover the women, the daughters of the king, Solomon learned this from his mother, and from David, but from David, when he was winged from his mother, that is not in youth, but in manhood,

The difference is you think that men should be taking part in parenting, but they are not in part, the child is the mother's whatever she feeds the kids, is blessed, aka Peter's sheet, whatever a mom puts in front of the kids is clean, why? becuasse the glory of the father, is to stuart the women and kids, she is the broad way, you have to go the narrow way.

The reason men, are loosing the youth, is cause you never had them in Christianity.

They are falling away because there is nothing to fall away from. They never were,

Christ does not go into the mother's house, he is spilling his blood at the door post, she sheds the blood in the house, thus the lambs are the men, the husband and fahters.

Christianity was from the beginning, The light that came into the world, where Adam fell, that is "adam where are you." thus not shedding his blood at the door post,

When you have a daugher, see she marries a man of understanding, that is a son that keeps the command,

when you have a son, keep him under his mother, until he is to be about your business, and when he is endowed with power, he will come out, and you will be brothers, with one father, that is your blood as lambs will be at the door post,

you see, it is impossible to have youth in christianity in the family unit,

but that is not too say, GOD THE FATHER through Christ will bring them out HIMSELF; as he has done such as 14 year old Joan of Ark,


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