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I fear GOD the most. I pride myself on knowing GOD's word, the answer, in wisdom to judge aright, and i pride myself even more on shutting up if i do not have that answer, that is until i do i have the answer. I go to make no enemies, rather than friends. I go to make peace with many by the command. I keep the charge, the commmand, the statutes, and the Laws of THE LORD GOD. and teach them. Thus the commands alone make me called the greatest in the kingdom of Heaven. They are a rest not a doing. and there is a wisdom that comes with this from GOD whom wisdom dwells with alone. So please feel free to learn. I have one wife, one son, and never cut off any friend i have ever had, keeping them to the end. I have over 35,000 hours of Biblical & Theological studies. Making me no smarter than a well read college professor, but I suffer to hold to the truth, this is wisdom and i excel all them i have ever encountered on the matter of GOD, Scripture, Religion, Fatherhood, Brotherhood, Husbandry, Patriotism, Duty, and just over all manhood. I stand where Navy Seals do not, and yes so do 14 year old girls, Sain Katherine, Joan of Arc, but still, i do stand in the fires and have the longest list of CONFIRMATION in the flesh since Paul's list in the bible, ( i am surpassing Paul's list, but not Paul, though i have two reproofs clear and present at THEME, my Revelation.)_ I am well educated in over 10,000 hours plus of psychology, socialism, and sociology. I am well educated in the mythologies, from the ancients and know how to apply it today. I have managed over 20 million dollars in assets, property, and equipment, in two different carrier fields spanning over 14 years total, without a dollar to be claimed missing, or damaged, this includes personnel. I have extensive studies in imagery, that of the subconscious, and am pretty good at interpreting dreams, when THE LORD permits, all wisdom from THE LORD alone. If i don't have the answer i will not answer, LORD GOD willing, i will put hand over mouth. I am very well versed in the ancients and the modern covenants, as they are same from THE SAME LORD GOD LIVING. I do not let the secret of a Parable escape me. If you would like to know about anything, in your life that matters, then please do not hesitate to call me, and LORD willing i can give you some wisdom. It is said a wise king will give more than half of his kingdom for the counsel of one who fears GOD most. What would you give?

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