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Inspired by THE LORD, provoked to write by

The video was mentioned David and Goliath, and I know may like the maker of the film, that twist the David and Goliath story to mean something that is just ignorance. And that is not from GOD, to think in ignorance. And the whole of THE HOLY SCRIPTURES is to teach you how GOD judges accounts. How GOD weights the balance. Judgement is WISDOM, and WISDOM is THE HOLY SPIRIT, thus only wise GOD renders judgement in WISDOM always. That is the point of Holy Scriptures, to teach you these things, that you may be wise, and Holy, and with discretion as to if you are just being happy, or are killing the whole of the nation type things, or like judging between choosing strangers to honor or spouse and parent to your children. Whether to teach kids to honor obey strangers or parents. To be free or make prisons. And it is the this very topic men lying to eat up widow’s houses use often in ignorance. In this video it is said, they wanted to know more of The Scriptures, and so i thought a perfect example and a perfect telling that many are familiar with to teach you what GOD means by these things, and how they do effect you, and why it is one of your favorites repeatedly heard, or heard of. That is many ONLY KNOW THE NAME OF THE LORD, and not much at all of HIS WORD COMMAND HIS COVENANT, HIS BUSINESS. Just like Little David. So I was moved in agitation by these things to write this.

David is anointedthat is separated from the rest, chosen, and or segregated. to be this to GOD, as in use in its context of Holy, it is the true, no matter condition or position one finds themself, it is to be true.

Goliath means exile. Thus the first father is Adam, so we are all sons of a man, and Adam ran and hid under the idols, the fig leaf he sown together, which is the same as turning stones into bread. The tones that which man builds up are supposed to be to the defense of widows, orphans, and the poor and helpless.

           The judgment of GOD. The Reason of all laws and all nations, oaths, fathers, husbands, brothers and sons. The male, thus is Adam brought the wife who is The Daughter of THE KING, THE ONE LORD GOD FATHER, and thus man is given the charge to be LORD GOD and FATHER, that is ONE FATHER, over his flock, his sheep, his daughters. Hence Adam says, BONE OF MY BONE, these are the stones, the pillars set up, such as Laban and Jacob & the care to Laban's daughters and the children that his daughters bore.

         To man it is the staff, the oath. Fathers pass and leave the sons this staff, the oath, the covenant, the command, the word, the name. The mothers leave blood aka their life. Men leave the other by giving their lives. So Goliath is like saying, one that boasts in the idol building like Adam did to throw down his wife blaming her and THE LORD GOD for giving him her. Goliath is him that boasts in the prisons and adultery of his nation, that is his bill-paying labors, and all the comforts that come with a fornicating adulterous lifestyle. Rather that is what Goliath is to David, for he is but a boy, and only has the names, so for the Philistine it is all idolatry, worship of idols, haters of moms, adultery, and chains of slavery Egypt bill-paying. Goliath then is a big fat liar covered in the idols of man.

            For Idolatry trust and worship his armor is described, and to David, it is not much different than seeing a lion or a bear. Big, sharp, pointy, claws, beastly, fangs, and so is he described, a champion out of the camp of the Philistines, named Goliath, of Gath, whose height was six cubits and a span, he had a helmet of brass upon his head, and he was armed with a coat of mail: And the weight of the coat was five thousand shekels of brass, he had greaves of brass upon his legs, and a target of brass between his shoulders, the staff of his spear was like a weaver's beam; and his spear's head weighed six hundred shekels of iron: and one bearing a shield went before him.

For this worhsip and trust in idols is all of Israel sitting on their ass while their children are threatened with slavery subjection and death. This is when David walks up and is inquisitive to the reality of the world being unveiled to him, that men are taking oath swearing lightly and falsely, and belive not in that GOD they all know the HOLY NAME of. Thus do they do as the Philistine Goliath does, and slander David, who is stepping out in faith to that GOD. As it was when you were boys men, "momma, why did they not go fight teh giant, if i was their i would be like David, and i would trust in GOD." and momma knods her head and says to you "uh-huh, sweety you should would." But inside knows damn well you most likely will throw down a mother of children and be Philistine, for she unlike most men has fought a war, and accomplished so says THE LORD Isa 40:13.

          Gath means a wine press. So they get drunk of the idolatry or they believe GOD to repent and are pressed to live their blood as a fine wine for sons to drink in honor and obedience too, as Christ does the last supper, so too do your founders, and saints and apostles, and prophets, and patriarchs. So in this case specifically, all of Israel was being pressed. So like grapes to man, a lot of grapes but little wine did come out. Hence Christ is The Garden of Gethsemane when he is pressed, and it means Olive Press. If you think that a bunch of grapes is needed to make a little wine, it is much more drastic when making olive oil. The amount of olives to oil is much more, and olives are much harder to tend, so the daughters are accounted as olive trees, two of them mainly. The daughter as to the wife, and the mother as to the wife. And in all that blood that the daughters give, like olives, few reborn who actually hold faithful, believe in GOD, in GOD's WORD, that the daughters are a very good gift from heaven. In another way, they keep the command to defend in covering love.

                 David as a boy goes at Goliath with the truth, all that David knew about THE LORD was that of HIS NAME, not knowing HIS word, HIS command, HIS Covenant David the little boy only knew HIS NAME. So then by the simple truth, that which is poured by GOD, to prove that is all you need, whatever it is at that time, David only having that Name, only brought that which he had. Thus does David throw off the armor from the king, the sword, and pick up that which THE LORD has salted him with, his flavor of GOD, the truth, truly himself. Going to pick up his sling, he plays with all his days watching the sheep, playing with his brothers, and Israelites were often under the condition of tribute for their sins, and thus at this time didn't have too much weaponry and irons, so they became very skilled at homemade weaponry, and the leading was the sling, seeing they were shepherds, it would staff, club, then stone throwing slings.

                 STAFF, BRACERS, & RING = for David; THE LORD's NAME, and HIS SLING, 

truly all David had when you stripped him down, his salt was this. And thus it was enough for THE VICTORY of a go-liar, GOLIATH.

            Staff is for the hand, and the heart, and the club is for the same but the bracers are more to the working, and movements of the hands, hence they often come with cuffs and chains. So as to what you won't touch, what you will, what you won't kill, what you will. Thus the mark of the beast is here on every male, until he is reborn, for all of them are adulterers, buying and selling in the daughters. In this story, it is the sling and stone which is like the ring.

             THESE THREE must be understood to understand the whole of Scripture and the history of man. The Staff, the Bracers, and the Ring. These are found in the whole of life and scriptures for the male, and they are specifically shown as to how they are given up and how close in effect this deed is with Judah and Tamara's account in Genesis. When one takes up THE LORD's NAME in the oath, vow, or profession of it by Faith, as to know him, that man, no matter who has just placed these three upon his cross and THE LORD GOD HIMSELF shall not let him go, no not for one, in any wise. THE FATHER IS GOD OF THE WORD THE ONLY WISE, so if you use his name, you are bound, and GOD is not mocked. If you doubt this, the seriousness of its nature, the gravity of its whole, then please I beg you as a man, a brother, a father, a husband, a countryman, look you now to times past, and see, how is all over the world one god of truth, one god that gives every daughter from the very beginning, and how is it that name is not tarnished, nor does it go away, but all them that blaspheme do go away, and THE LORD REMAINS, Isaiah 65:16 same AMMON LORD GOD from Egypt..

*Without the staff to throw down in plain site truth for all too see, and come together in unity of truth, there is no truth to prove. There is no standard to meet in unity. you have no rule to judge off, thus you are tumbleweeds, uprooted, and orphaned. Sheep without a shepherd, defenseless, dying, dead in the water. See why Moses throws it down at the beginning of the confrontation, that is THE PILLAR MILE MARKER OF THE LORD GOD AND ALL THE HANDS IN THE LAND. Thus by it does GOD start the division of the light from dark, and at some point that is marked and counted and done, so men repent or you are dead where you stand. All living things have a covering, and the covenant is the covrering.

             Judah gives Tamara until he can get her a sheep, for the payment of his whoredom. Thus they that fornicate, are to repent, and they get Judah's blessing. And they that don't care as Judah without blessing but rather a curse and lie, for they won't confess they are pimping the sons like sheep to hire whores, and then to take those whores playing their fathers and husband friend, only to throw them in the fire with child. I know Judah is freakishly humbly amazingly repentant to HIS GOD when he must do the truth, he chooses it. Thus is Judah's blessing that of the firstborn reborn, read Gen 49, Judah is every reborn male. Tamara lays out, Judah claims, to become Judah by name, the blessing of GOD, of the reborn, and you see in action-themed topics all through the Whole of Holy Scriptures. The Staff, Bracers, and Ring, are the oath the fathers left you is the staff. The Bracers are the hands in defense of the oath and vows. and the Ring is the acts of GOD royalty in your hands, "Command you me..."

              David is too young for the oath, and he is too young for the account of the bracers but is about his father's business, so he knows his name. Thus David, chosen, by his choosing the truth, is already selected out, this is the feeling of any new believer, whether reborn or like David starting the pilgrimage to re-birth, Like when Jesus was twelve and was about HIS father's business but is adhering to his mother, then at 30 Jesus is his father's business so says to his mother, "woman what do I have to do with you." A man under command and orders does not yield in his duty to his mother either. and this is a man's world, a man's business, the business of father's. For all man is going to buy and sell the daughters, giving and receiving in marriage, cursing kids toads, and trampling on the blood pissing on the wall, so being such an ugly business, THE ONE FATHER does not bring the daughters. But David in this story part, like every new believer knows nothing of THE COVENANT, knowing nothing of THE STAFF passed down from the start BONE OF MY BONE mark it in stone the written testimony, that if you do not have then you are without light as a man, Isiah 8:19-20.

            David cuts off Goliath's head with his own sword. This shows that David was the one in the right, the sword is the right hand, see Psalm 45. It is another way of telling Elijah's 153, and John 21's 153 fish. The 153 fish, that is the men that Elijah rains fire down on. Well, he only rains down fire on 102 of them, that is two captains each appointed over fifty men. And the third is the 153 total. They are a sum on the right side of things. The oath, as Jesus says to Peter and the disciples, "Cast the net on the right side" in John 21. This is the regards of catching no men, and the men like to the fish. If they are not to the oath to the vows, to the command, to the covenant then they are not to GOD. For this is where they are invoke GOD, this is where they take his name, call him down, take his daughter, profess his HOLY NAME. The captain and his fifty, no matter what the king says, or how they take any order, are duty bound to THE GOD of THE COVENANT THE TRUTH.

           THE LORD GOD AMMON Isa 65:16. GOD who is before, who was before them in the truth of the matter of when they take their vow and oath it is HIS HOLY NAME that they take. Thus by common sense, GOD was before they invoked, and by the history of time-proven results, GOD shall be long after they are gone. That means, GOD tends to his holy name, and all the men who have raised their hands in oath to GOD. Then you see that the first captain, demands, commands, THE SERVANT OF THE MOST HIGH GOD he swore to, and none of the men he has in his command object. Thus then if you swear and have all your office and powers therein by GOD, and GOD chooses one before you, to be his mouthpiece, to translate, to dictate, you will do as you would any job, any household, any respect as to governance, you will treat them as though they are that person themself.

             These 153 men of Elijah like Goliath in an oath to GOD (all Israel and the Philistine the same, also why David picks up the staff, for he is for that cause but only buy Name at this time in the story). And like the 102 that perish of Elijah's drunk off the wine press of idolatry and have kept the charge in which they are invested completely. They having the knowledge of GOD knowing his form, deny the power thereof. Thus commanding the man of GOD to do another man's business even if a king, they rain down fire upon themselves as by THE ONE GOD that reigns from HEAVEN. Thus the second captain and his fifty do the same. Then third making a total of 153, same as Peter and the disciples caught as to a premonition of the celestial shores when you come up to meet Jesus in Heaven. They were just casting to catch any lying falsely swearing idolater and calling it Jesus and Christian and GOD, and it was NOTHING to Christ, He didn't know them, but when they cast on the right side they fill up so much they can barely haul and lift and bring ashore. That is on the right side, at the right hand, heaven at hand, the oath the vow the staff, the duty of men, by their own mouths professed, is the 153 of fish which is the 153 of Elijah's fire rained down the 102 troops and two captains.

               In simplicity, it shows GOD's Covenant, GOD's WISDOM, HIS Judgement. hat if you are grunt or not, the devil, the evil one loves it because there you are stuck to answer as though you got from GOD himself, for it is by HIS HOLY NAME you have invoked, and HE is not mocked, THE CHIEF OF ALL JUDGES, supreme in justice, never has it been recorded as anything else. So peasant in prison, and or president in the white house, grunt in field or cop back home, judge or criminal, you have as it was, is, and is to come, invoked the evil if you are tending to, confessing your sins to it, or you are repentant keeping confessing the failure of man, but the fidelity of GOD in THE COVENANT for our GOD IS A KNOWN GOD A GOD OF SPIRIT & TRUTH, and by spirit and truth do we worship him. He is a GOD at hand, yay even your hand, that is your professing of GOD's NAME in whom you say you have faith. Then it is in truth, even your hand, even your own faith.


             As told Job by THE LORD,  "When you bury them on the dust, and you with them. Then Job, ONLY then Job will I tell you that your own right righteous hand can save you." thus is the reason that Moses put his hand to his heart inside his coat, and it is lepers. that is every man at start. But then Moses has to do it again, and then it is clean, that is the reborn, the one holding true and repenting too. It is the same with the ten commands of Moses, the first set GOD carves out and writes on, Moses breaks, and then Moses carves out the second and GOD still writes on.

             That is the NEW LAW, THE NEW COVENANT, the same as the old, only this time the man actually is giving his life to keep to hold to teach. It becomes his word, his intent, the father's command, and he becomes one. Thus Jesus says, "All I did was keep the command, they are eternal life." In another, "the commands are the love of GOD, none of them are grievous." yet in another place, "The command is the issue to all of life." and it is key to note yet again, THE MAN MALE IS THE ONLY DIRECTLY COMMANDED. it is where we offer our life to GOD. if doubt GOD look to the cross, if you are in faith pick up your cross to be crucified the same. It is fine to only know of HIS NAME as a boy, but as a man you are to have GOD's judgement and hold it as GOD would, in GOD's STEAD. and as our Founding Fathers say, "WE appeal to THE SUPREME JUDGE of the whole world, to the rectitude of our intentions, with reliance on PROTECTION of DIVINE PROVIDENCE WE mutually pledge together our lives, our fortunes, and our SACRED HONOR." See how David accomplishes this by just THE FAITH IN HIS HOLY NAME, how much more should he as a man, as men, as shown.

However you go, know since we are also talking unbelievers, if they don't believe Moses, they won't believe Jesus, they dont Believe Jesus they won't believe Muhammed, they dont believe these three,, they won't believe our Founding Fathers. They dont believe them, they won't believe the blood of mothers, their own free right given to all at birth, nor their own vow and oath, no they won't believe in Parental authority or right, not in family or covenant, becuase they believe in idols, false gods that are no gods, and they will tend, and obey, and worship, to these things. So do not be troubled they don't believe you. You just keep the faith, if not in it repent, if you are looking for the strength i pray GOD give it to you, if you never do repent to righteousness, to GOD, to the truth, then may he rush your ass to hell, unless you sin more. as it is said, EVEN SO COME. Even if i go to hell, come LORD and bring righteousnes.

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