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U.S. Drowning our boys ?

The river is a representation of the natural course, thus Egypt does Aaron touch it with his staff to make it turn red, I said when the kid got near the shore the red kicked up, represents the dirt and the blood.

It's too bring to light that with Egypt already doing, adultery with their idolatry. To get a little bit more and curse the kids toads to sell them down the river and force its course.

Thus is Moses drawn out of it. The man passing the kid up to go fishing is the explanation of all the fathers in the nation today and their fish line games, of revel playing pride, N-E-PHIL-EM Nephilim, philistine feels-a-teen feels-as-a-teen GO-LIARS Goliath, to make Giants out of the rich idolater.

The sailboat passing them up is your neighbors who goes silent and coward to backpipe murmur to ride inside spit venom but never do anything. Save help build up the hell that the children have to drown in prisons to price sons away Rich aristocracy legal claim this swell of the sea by the wind their words are wind their. Idols are the swell that will drown the Suns the dragons flood ignorance instead of wisdom.

The man cutting his line represents exactly what you will have to do, forsake your goddamn stupid s***. Stop serving the goddamn devil. The idle. The individual lost and want of your revel pride and play.

That is why he's in the kayak.

That is also why the son cannot get in. But he too will have to be a man to go his own way and have to choose good the same.

The father losing his son while on a sailboat represents perfectly The tempest of winds in which these coward ass Bill dad's stepdads pig adulterers do follow. The trample the pearls the sons for their idol gain game, watching them drowned as they dishonor their fathers they dishonor them.

Christ is not a liar, they are swear to God liars.

The father chose his sailboat over his son, that's to every step-dad chooses his idols and his opinion over the truth to get it to the sons.

As you will hear the step dad say "I do not owe them kids anything," but they do they owe the truth and they owe honor.

The mother not being around is exactly what you have in the nation today.

Ostrich, no wisdom the love of ignorance cruelty and slanders won't even face them but will use legal idle claim this divide so they can get a little bit more for their greed.

As others step on their eggs they turn a blind eye sticking their head in the idle dust of which other items are made from.

Their house, their car, their work, and they're tomb. For they buy it with other people's money. That is just enough to leave the children nothing. But to get there is why they're here.

It is not mother's duty to keep the sons this is a perfect example of why.

Like Moses the boy is going to have to learn to swim with his God as a man.

Note well Moses's father is not around. He was too busy working paying for them to come into the house and cut the kids in half kill them the same they are today.

The father had a line of excuses of the idols he had to tend and all those men took his word as though they should not rebuke him. As though his number one priority is not to be out in front and that is what will drag him to hell as it drug Adam out of the garden to death, as we still feel the effects today from that simple statement of THE LORD our GOD. "Adam where are you?"

Tending my sailboat being blown away by whatever men say to get a little bit more to screw this fine ass woman in adultery telling her sons that I honor them, well I do Dishonored to not only their father them and your name slandering and destroying the truth, while I get just a little bit more sewing fig leaf together pig leave. That's why we have pig skin exactly the same skin.

The fact that brought in the cops against that boys request, clearly proves all the men's incapability of thinking they can handle a matter, they could not no one took that kids pulse, no one stripped him out of his wet clothes and put him in the dry. No one gave him hot fluid. Nobody did anything to elevate his body except put that towel on him.

If so concerned why not act. He was a father himself. And would not risk his kayak. To even let the boy on.

Saving him he would not risk himself like jump out and put the kid in.

He would much rather keep recording call the cops and look like a hero.

They're all destined for hell and they know why.

For every man knows why.

The toads are what come up out of the river after God brings the light through Aaron what Egypt is already doing forcing the course with adultery via idolatry.

That boy crying that was my son when they stole him from me out the back door every night for years. Well they told him it was okay he experienced the most grief any son can the loss of his father the most pungent thing in his entire life. As you can see the boy crying for his father is a natural effect that they love to kill.

So they can make fraidy cats who are more concerned about their idol loss than they are about their sons the same this makes for a fine slave.

Is the son sees the father do so too shall he. Thank God the man was there, thank God he was willing to risk the boy to tag along on the side of his kayak.

And him to record while he was supposedly freezing to death into hypothermia. If that's concerned I sure as f*** would not want to take him to battle.

I don't know what you men are doing but you better girt your loins, it's all I've seen these men do is play a goddamn game like so dumb to kill more sons Sodom and Gomorrah. Gain more of game more of so dumb.

If your heart was touched by his crying for his father you better know we get ONE FATHER.

The reason for this is the lack of righteousness that comes with man, mother gives her life to bring us in you must bless her everyday. Your wife dies to bring in your son you're a bless her everyday.

She is a mother after all.

Ostrich or not she died to bring him in.

That means her period as Isaiah says as the Lord says her period rag produces more righteousness than all you men put together in all your righteousness put together.

It means the little girls offer more blood life on God's altar the moment they bleed then you men.

You just file your actions by your goddamn slavery works and idolatry. And God has rejected every goddamn one of them for it is cursed dust gathered and made by cursed man and chaste fetched by curse it got damn men that will not give their life to defend the children save the sons from the course of the river for the current is currently sweeping them all away.

You're f****** other men's wives and raising their sons and when outsiders say put a mask on their face in a shot in their ass do this with them do that you do the same as you do when the air blows and tells you to lie to them.

And the mother is clean you off before the Sons to shame their fathers so your partaking gang raping the sons of the truth and force the seed of lies into them.

That River was large, that boy was small, and every goddamn one of them went by is though it could not sweep him under it any moment. I've seen catfish bigger than that boy. You better girt your loins, I'm afraid the nation is about to find out the value of real men. And at this time it's the only thing that is truly safe, save for the Lord God himself. But The godly men are with him and thus God is with them.

You get to eat them up with your f***boy games stupid idolatry and then you don't and then it's your running. For the righteous did not run you just casted Spears and arrows from afar the only close combat y'all had was ruining your stepsons and you did that in group mentality men against boys. Force feed them your lies by them on his Fame played you good men I know you know and that means God knows, your coward. An idolater.

You love your little girl opinion and you have no Covenant.

And you love spitting it out there like it's valuable. While knowing it's a goddamn lie. And you love to feed it to the little boys thinking you're wise you take joy in this deceiving little boys leaving them to drowned in rivers.

Or to bring them a sore while they grab onto your coattail shagging their mother you just keep recording and making the view like you're a hero.

God will take nothing less but all of it. I know you're coward ass cuz I was one. Takes one to know one.

All men are born but not all men will stay. If you never repent men. I do pray the Lord gives me the order to get rid of you. As I had my son taken and they beat the s*** out of his mind and heart with your stupid f***boy lies. so do I know you are doing everyday that you do not repent.

Holding up your idolatry being an enemy to GOD and children. Sacrificing them to it the same. In treason blasphemy and sacrilege claiming to be with Christ even.

And that giant making idolatry s*** was before the flood it's primitive caveman s*** that's not hard to see and you know I'm right sons Brothers little girls moms because just in case the sun's thought they were more than a cursed toad in a custody or the fathers thought they were more than to be die-forced divorces from even their sons and adulterous grief of lies idolatry and goddamn gameplay with outside cowards who gang rape the sons with their friends to feed them lies via tree-a-son 7th against commands to even get them to curse themselves by dishonoring and disobeying the father or mother doing this while claiming to be Christian and this is the first command from God with a promise to the children that they live long. That they live long. And that it goes well with them. To the sons this is what they do

Witchcraft and black magic to pry the sons away prisons prize the sons kill the father/parent kiss the kids.

Like I said in case you thought you were free they are the prisons and the weather equipment as easy as you were taking today you will be taking easier tomorrow should they continue in their goddamn sinful work of coward lies. And in case you disagree they'll steal your sons and teach them the same goddamn idolatry ignorance to keep their bills but now their word to keep their car but not their wives to keep anything but the truth and to kill it at every turn so the idol is built up and the children are sacrificed to.

Make no mistake the same as I will slay you at God's command I have been suffering you in prisons and to die for you. As I would prefer that, it comes with blessings, For if I slayed you then your children and wife will only find out that I love them more than you. And that you loved idols more than all of them.

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