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George Carlin a group

Updated: Jul 30, 2022

George said about

When the group of man it's bad but individual I love.

Thus I said what THE LORD SAYS, then I gave more proof on relative matters via THE LORD'S proofs.

Its 3 the number of group as Christ says in Thomas, " where there are 3 or more gathered together they are gods where there is one or 2 there I am.

That is in the midst there of with 3 or more, but it is HIM one or two.

It means @ 3 or more u get sides taken.

Christ Jesus says, " I will divide them putting a house of five at odds.

3 against to and 2 against 3, I will turn father against son, and son against father, but these will stand as a solitaire.

A man says to The Messiah, "tell my brother to share my inheritance with me." Jesus said to him and us, "I AM not a divider. AM I "

How do these reconcile if GOD is one?

The world truly is broken off, a week and dying world. a feeble branch that is dying, and thus all born into it are dead.

Christ is right, this life line of blood is a life line like an air hose into the sea. We are like this bubble pumped with more are, save u can not access the life line.

The design is far beyond u. Nay the designer is so far behind you

Strange our GOD. But if tested how provable is our GOD. By HIS WORD just as HE said.

So it original sin be real and it is real. The daddy pops a nut, and this is iniquity. He's in it for love GOD then he quits seeking only his own. The orgasm is so selfish in itself and from this GOD BRINGS from perfect selfishness to offspring. How incredible when at our most selfish gift 🎁 from GOD HE makes u.

Given this world as death dust to dust playing with dust. That which the serpent is cursed to eat and man is made to become, a serpent chasing tail for it's sinful hell.

Playing God as coward liars, we were ejected. GOD thank GOD chose GOD over sin. Selfishness of All mighty GOD is good. HE IS NOT US.

GOD IS so good HIS ejection to ours HE OFFERS US LIFE, how insane is it that GOD literally loves so much when HE kills u for sin as Adam without a son, HE provides the blood, a life line to the sons of man.

Then while we are then born into the lie we must needs be reborn. Then the true account is our deaths in need of GOD. then the lie is the playing God and this u can not.

So then if Truth puts GOD on this HIS throne. The. If HIS TRUE WORD COME DOWN. He is a divider than. HE is true we a lie, as we come alive we must then divide from the death, yay our own, our own dead. But since dead die in this is death. Not life. GOD doesn't speak on it twice.

U understand if it is alive it's said up there's and down here. Our world the eye GOD pulled out threw down. The satanic eye always lying. Thus here we are.

Then Christ is the dividers by always pulling away to add to life, HE baptized only HIS OWN HE STILL DOES.

Truth is the only way.

this is all i have seen of Bashmatt's posts, and just became a new subscriber.

it was a clean cut post, thank you for it, if you want to see more please check out,


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