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Marriage is not work it's trust in GOD by keeping commands

This YouTube video, these are the things that kill marriages, and they do it in GOD'S HOLY NAME saying with Christ.

Now they can do their works before the flood GOD argued, then flooded them out. Since then by nation, Egypt with Moses is proof of the rainbow 🌈 covenant.

Then proohets, then the final seal, proof covenant is the keeping of the commands of GOD, that is by faith in GOD. that is then the command the keeping is your proof of faith in GOD. your repenting, resting in, trust is a rest not a work.

Thus to be married is not to please your wife, adhering to her word for she like all flesh, shall change her opinion, but GOD'S COMMAND IS ALWAYS GOOD LIFE TRUE LOVE.

here is wisdom proving you foolishly wrong. penguins mate for life, keeping love birds too, some fish even. they do not work at it. as you say, work is heathen pay again pagan, pharaoh fair owe rich, ostrich owes to rich ignorance. Not of GOD. as Job says, "for THE LORD did not impart wisdom to her." (ostrich, let's them step on eggs).

and what if one gets sick, in accident, or is stricken by what many saints call the plague of GOD directly, Melancholy Depression?

U are not faithful in love, for love, true love is not an action of man, but is a resting there in, a trusting in, thus "this is the love of GOD that we keep HIS COMMANDS, for none of them are grievous."

Solomon tells you the adulterous grief is what they use to cause brawling, murders, and child idol sacrifice.

Love is the greatest of all, as Paul says, "now abide faith hope and love and the greatest of these is love."

love is all good never failing, thus must be only GOD. "why call me good" says Christ, "only GOD is good."

no man love is a ought, so we hope in GOD or that love. that's why 1 John States the "love of GOD is in the keeping of HIS commands."

this is also why the first time love appears in the Bible it is at the command to sacrifice of Isaac.

but no man hope is he ought. for this is a work of the Holy Spirit, of Wisdom Herself.

then it is faith, the trusting in GOD, that man loves. not by an action of men boasting in his own ignorant self-righteousness talking about he works and not his love.

love does not seek her own so why would your spouse need work. love does not seek her own so why would you require your spouse to work at it.

we work from Love Not For Love. you should take God out of your mouth. five just proved you against all the prophets and Christ, the servants and Messiah of God, whom you say you represent.

but by their own words and you not having their word I have proven you not of. for if you were there servant if they were your masters your teachers then you would do their word. and they have clearly outlined love as I just did for you.

"if you love me keep my command" says Christ.

"I do not my own but the father who sent me, is he that commands me," again Jesus Christ.

that means if you took a wife and your youth it's a gift from God sown from the top down the purple garment. and thus you will love your wife because God gave her to you. not for anything she does, whether it be righteous or wicked.

as Ben Sira told you, with other prophets, "every Godly bride is blameless before GOD." is Christ told you there is one father. that means all brides are given by one father.

Psalm 45,. "the daughters of the king is glorious within woven together in gold.... all the daughters of the Kings shall enter into the congregation. "

therefore you will love your wife whether she works or not. for you are not at Liberty to decide to throw your wife off that would be saying God is wrong. more directly than you already are.

let me put the nail in the cross real tight. Adam hid, showing idol fig leaf, works to cover his sin, of infidelity. which begins at God then pours over to the wife. idol fig leaf is idol pig leave, devour holy things but part with them cuz they don't work enough now, they don't give you enough to consume upon your belly your, what is really your god, if You preach love any other way than the keeping of the commands, love does not seek its own, and the only one that EVER ALWAYS TRULY does that is GOD. it is the business of the father, and to know his business is to have his words, otherwise you're an enemy. making your own self-righteousness.

this Paul calls "pretended will worship, having the form of GODLINESS but denying the power there of, of such abstain from. "

Hosea loved his wife why? after her whoring, lying, humiliating Hosea. why did he keep her giving his life savings for her? why and how did he love her? in that answer you will find your evil teaching against GODS HOLY ONLY GOOD WORD COMMANDS.

Hosea loved his wife because GOD said it, & Hosea believed it is so.

for it is so, and any one that goes to tear assunder will most assuredly if not repent burn an ass not under the ONLY GOOD ONE LORD GOD LIVING, is THE FATHER, THE ONLY FATHER. thus you will love HIS daughters bringing them blameless, or go to hell. for Adam blamed his wife & THE LORD GOD for giving Adam her. "The woman YOU gave me," said Adam."

thus Christ meets the troop head on, saying "who you looking for? .... I Am He, let these go." the opposite of Adam hiding.

and at the cross "forgive them FATHER, they know not what they do." opposite of Adam, "her you gave me."

thus Christ our husband brings us blameless as GODLY brides. thus if your a Christian man, you do the same for your wife the same Christ does for His. that is if you are His.

thus you love by THE COMMANDS OF GOD, and nothing else. and that is a trusting, a faith in, belief towards GOD not your spouse. for the truth is your working shit aleays comes to an end, or are you so foolish as to think death, sickness, the drought shall not come upon your mortal flesh, the same it has all before you.

"You shall die the death,". is the covensnt from the beginning. In your prime, in your health, you boast like a fool. you are in fortunes and have no remembering of adversity, as such you will no longer be able to work, and this comes ALWAYS when it is NOT expected.

Now if your wife thinks it won't be fall her also, you are both fools. but love can not be work for such reasons alone.

shall the husbamd say to the sick wife, "this just isn't working for me, anymore. your cancer has interferes with my true love, which works at it."

see your a fool. and anyone that listens to you the same. you need to take GOD out of your mouth, and Jesus' too. for He was crucified demonstrating everything I just said.

thus He is "the covenanter." and when your in GOD'S COVENANT, there is not a dependence upon you, save you always repent to the covenant, which is founded in truth. which is eternally held by GOD.

which is why it reads .

"Marriage is Honorable amongst all, and the marriage bed is undefilable, but adulterers and whoremongers GOD shall judge."

undefilable because GOD holds HIS daughter blameless, that is the wife blameless, thus if you do not the same, then THE ONE FATHER all brides given by, (you know this by the vow in HIS HOLY NAME Isa 65:16) THE LORD GOD FATHER shall throw you in hell.

did none of you think, why does the bride get given? or why is there only ONE FATHER but multiple mothers, ONE A TRUE MOTHER?

As David says.

did none of you find it a heavy matter to take the daughter of THE LORD GOD KING?

Did you think it a light matter to become son in-law to THE LORD GOD KING?

look man, you are all chewed up. bubblish. I seen a few of your clips and you have no wisdom, no understanding. & a person without understanding shall fall.

you have no covenant words of your father's to THE FATHER. and all GODLY men have this. you have no light. Isaiah 8:19-20

but by GOD'S mercy And blessing, that is truth, true word this can be fixed. all are born fools, liars, and sinners, not all die, some will pick ups the light teach truth so kids may be free, so they may serve GOD & LEARN how to TRULY LOVE their wife, kids, & country.


Standard Operating Procedure



Declaration of Independence, Constitutional Bill of Rights, GOD'S GOSPEL

this is love to you, your brothers, thus wife, and kids. and GODLY men are about talking, keeping, passing on to generations these things which GOD HAS DONE. not your will worship of own righteous works that will fade with your while prisons go up and spouses forced to die DIE-FORCE DIVORCE and kids CURSED-TOADS CUSTODY comnittiby TREE-A-SON.

The covenant is what men do, keep the HOLY WORD of GOD, truth=freedom. and no adulterous marriage is true, thus is why we love our wife, it is true, it is life to do so. everything else is a GOD DAMNED LIE, killing spouse and kids.

if you do not these things you are not GOD'S, for not so by them, these words is doing Adam.

thus then you see, fool is fixable if he learn wise words, and not profess his opinion on matter so heavenly high as love, which is only GOD.

if you want more truth there is more at


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