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Updated: Jul 30, 2022

The film about Nimrods death, said "they can agree how Nimrod died."

it being narrowed down to two views.

There not in controversy, the gnat in the brain was two kinds that thought alike. Both in the category of being UN-reborn, that is both didn't count GOD'S TESTIMONY AS TRUE, and this is they reasoned but not aright. They considered and deemed a way right as a man but the end there of is death. Thus they were never man accounted by GOD. GOD hating them cause they hated GOD. To not believe the original sin GOD has told of man, they deemed they were no so bad and did not must needs be reborn.

No, they like gnats never came to the higher mind the only good opinion. This they gathered their forces and perished. Eating of each other's words is eating on each other's brain. For they never used their hearts or they would have eaten GOD'S WORDS. and been reborn like Jacob become Israel.

Now the three days are gather his forces is the same as Satan, that is Satan is man, all born to and under must needs be reborn. And what does Satan get 2 1/2 aka 3 tho u never get to three. Cause the sun rises as was said to Jacob " let me go the sin rises." That would have been Jacobs end but believing he needed GOD he was reborn to actually make it to three.

Now Satan gets a time that is told in heaven the Adam fall and our wicked shit. Then a time and that is the son we see the family we grow we see our sin more clear then we choose , believe or unbelieve GOD but this half time u dont get to cross. U only get to blasphemy the father the son but not the mom THE HOLY SPIRIT THAT BORE U ALL. Thus he got three days. And by the time he was ready he realizes he is already a rotting corpse and the gnats have gathered.

U see no discrepancy at all in fact it confirms that it was Esau that killed nimrod. And this is if u devour one another be u not surprised u r devoured of one another.

Sons eat their fathers words it is love between a father and son to do this. Makes their hearts one.

The good father only good . Loves his wife his children and calls the son to the exact see. The father's duty is the love of fathers. Better to be a father to the fatherless than to be a husband to their mom.

I this GOD will love u more than your own mother does.

GOD made nothing hating it. And there for GOD HATED ESAU but if Esau them nimrod too. Yes they both gnats to GOD for they didn't love GOD THEY didn't love his true word or believe. Therefore they didn't ever love anything only hate. Greed. Lies. Snakes for gain game more of so dumb Sodom and Gomorrah. Thus they hated GOD and HIM no respecter of man gives them what they want. If the righteous reward and rereward is their GOD then the wicked must get the same their god equal. U see they in their mind gnats ate each other up. Got to be their own GODS and u as ur own God is a shitty God damned God.

This was the first of their films that i recall seeing. they did a great job of bringing the whole of it together, and hit every point i would have. Save i don't recall the second source for death. If any knows where it is from. I do know the Jashur account.

I love anyone that does anything on THE HOLY SCRIPTURES, and especially when they are not traditional, cannon, or KJV's 66 books without wisdom books. So i thought it was pretty cool to see i wasn't the only that loved the book of Jashur.

I found them to be very informative, and true, and true is all i am looking for, seeing how it's the only way to GOD. Their partiality seemed very sholarly. Something you won't find much with me.

please if you want to see more of them,



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